Week 9 Run 2 - Postponed!

Hello everybody! :)

I like running, and I'm proud of myself for having stuck to my routine pretty consistently throughout this plan. I did suffer one blip where I had to postpone a run in week 2 or 3 - I have mentioned it before, but I get really intense uterine pains, particularly when I am feeling stressed, and when they get bad, they get really bad. I can barely walk when they're that bad, let alone run - I have to waddle down to my classroom, which is at the end of the hall from the office, which feels like a million miles when I'm in pain. So anyway, I did the sensible thing and postponed that run. I am again postponing my run today, which I'm gutted about.

So I woke up this morning and couldn't seem to drift off back to sleep. Then when I sat up, resigning myself to not getting anymore sleep, I realised that my chest felt very raw. I coughed a little bit, and instantly realised I wasn't going to be able to run today. It's one of those strange, chesty painful coughs. I'm really surprised as I felt nothing yesterday, although I did go into town for the first time in months. Although I expose myself to all sorts of grotty germs every day - yet another delightful perk of being in the education business - it's all I can really think of in terms of what has brought this on.

However, I then had a brilliant idea. 'Why not just go for a walk?', I thought to myself, 'I'll take a different route and see if it's suitable for me to run next time.'

Please note that my use of the word 'brilliant' in the aforementioned paragraph is written with such scathing sarcasm it would make Satan blush.

I wrapped myself up warm and set off for my walk. Although it was quite chilly outside, the sky was a clear blue and I set up Runkeeper to track me as I walked.

My chosen path began very much like my usual one. Halfway up the long, west-facing road I start my runs with, I turned off. This road basically leads me back to a road I'd run anyway, but takes me on a little meandering detour. There was a gentle downhill slope to begin with, and a gentle incline as I rejoined my main route further on. Of course, as runners we all recognise that even the gentle-ist of inclines might as well be a mountain when we're running for long periods of time, but I thought that maybe it would add a bit of an extra challenge to a future run. The street lamps were a bit sparse in places, so I think this one may only really be an option when it's light outside.

'This is good', I thought to myself, 'Maybe I can run today after all'. Then I realised that my chest was still feeling raw and tight. I let out a little cough to remind myself that no, running today is not a good idea.

I looped back and went back home. I felt good as I went indoors and collected some mail which had been sat there since yesterday. Along with a bank statement was my British Heart Foundation pack for the Regent's Park 5k on 26th March. I was delighted and busied myself with reading through the materials and ignoring my bank statement.

Then it hit me. I actually felt really grotty. I felt a bit nauseous, my chest was tight and I was incredibly thirsty. I'd had a drink and some breakfast before leaving the house, but even thinking about food and drink was making me feel even worse. I groaned pathetically and cursed my decision to go outside - I definitely didn't feel this grotty when I woke up!

So, I'm not going to go out for a run until this blasted 'whatever this is' goes away for good. I thought I was doing well by still going out for a gentle walk and burning a few calories rather than just staying inside all day, but I should have stayed inside in my jammies. I'm disappointed because I'm so close to graduation, but I only have 2 more runs to go, and the likelihood of me feeling terrible all week is slim. I feel like I've learned my lesson now.

Apologies if you were expecting a lovely post about a lovely run. Please send hugs and jammies and blankets and fuss and get well soon wishes! :(


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22 Replies

  • Awww that's a real bummer for you, sorry you aren't feeling so good :(

    Better to rest and recover as dis appointing as that is at this stage. Even a week out won't affect you to much and you should be able to carry on at week 9 .

    Hope you feel better soon :)

  • Oh nooo I'm sorry, I can imagine how frustrated you must be :( Just take it easy, the more you rest the quicker you'll recover. It's tempting to want to get out there, but it might make you feel worse before you feel better. You'll be well before you know it and ready to graduate! Take care xx

  • Hugs, fuss, chicken soup all being sent your way. Stay on the couch and shake it off. Actually I'm in a similar position, but am not going to set a foot outside the door. The dreaded lurgy strikes us down, but we will get back up!

  • Oh no! I think that there is a lot of sickness going around. Unfortunately these things rarely strike when we're not busy! Hopefully we'll both feel better soon and will be back out there :)

  • Rest up, stay warm, big hug sent :)

    Lots of these horrid germs flying around, going and coming back.. I am currently having a second round with the Bronchitisaurus bug!!!!

    You take it steady and a couple of days off school would be sensible... otherwise this could linger on!

    That is my Mum voice!!!

    Feel better soon!x

  • Oh no, Floss!! That sounds awful :(

    I was actually going to ignore your advice and go into work today, but when I woke up I decided that I absolutely couldn't make it in. I feel a lot better having spent the day resting and sitting in my jammies. Hopefully it will fast-track my recovery so that I can get back out there =] Hope you feel better soon!!

  • Aaah you too.. yam.

    Jaysee and I both got a cold bug too.

    I went to London shopping yesterday..

    prob. picked up germs on the train..

    Get well soon. Virtual hug ( )x

  • Urgh, germs seem to be everywhere at the moment! I've managed to find some hand sanitiser that my Nana buys for me every time I go to visit, I think it might be a good idea carrying it around again. I'm going to be vigilant from now on - let's face it, we're all too busy to be ill! Hope you feel better soon!

  • Oh, so frustrating for you, but the run will wait, you will still do it without noticing the time off. Just recover and you'll be back on it in no time.

  • Oh dear. Everyone seems to be getting unwell this week. Might have to put you all in quarantine! Get well soon xxx

  • Hi Yamiskoi.

    Although you are two runs away from your official graduation you already are a runner and I believe a fundamental characteristic of a "real" runner is knowing when *not* to run.

    At the beginning of the programme, most of us follow it almost religiously and that is fine, as it gives us structure. As we progress, though, our focus should gradually shift from "blindly" following the programme to using our newly acquired confidence and understanding of our body to adapt the programme to circumstances.

    All that just to say that, even if you have to skip one run or two, you are still making progresses and learning important lessons as a runner. So focus on resting and getting well.

    "Hugs and jammies and blankets and fuss" aplenty :)


  • Thank you! :) Whilst I'm looking forward to getting back out there, being able to relax and do very little is also really satisfying :) My fitness won't dial back that much with a few days off, so I actually feel quite positive about this sickness thing... for now :)

  • Oh no Yam, so sorry you're feeling grotty, major bummer for you. Sending you lots of get well wishes and hoping you're fighting fit and back out there to smash the rest of week 9 really soon. Take good care of yourself, lots of warm drinks and couch time needed. X

  • Well, if nothing else, you've inspired me to sign up for a race for life this year. Get well soon, sending hugs and jammies and chocolate and hot water bottles xx

  • Aww. That's fantastic news!! I can't wait for my first 5k at the end of the month. I think it's great that running benefits us and can do so much for others, too :-)

  • Yip I have been out for three weeks with a bad cold, started with a cough. I had to stop at week 7 run 2 so well hacked off with that one! Went to the GP, was given antibiotics but I have MS and am on a trial so as it wasn't lifting after three weeks was given drugs. We will see. Know how you feel, I should have graduated by now and being runner 5. Keep warm and rest, it's not nice.

  • Just read this Yam. I hope you are okay? You haven't posted for a while. Just checking. Sending hugs x

  • Hiya!

    I'm still alive! :-) I've had an insanely busy week on top of being unwell. I still have a cough but it's better now so hopefully normal service will resume next week. I'm so frustrated that my graduation has been postponed, but obviously I can't run with a chesty cough and a 'where the Hell am I?' head. Can't wait to get back out there!! It's sweet to see people caring though, thank you :-)

  • Just wondering if you have recovered? I have just taken a week off with illness and got back out to it today, I am pleased to say that it hasn't affected my fitness but I am still gutted to be a week behind schedule.

  • Hiya!

    I'm on the mend. I would go out tomorrow but I'm visiting relatives and by the time I get home I'll probably be too tired to run :-( I can't wait to get back out there, though!! I'm glad you're feeling better, it's awful when you can't run!! :-(

  • Just popped by because I realised you were MIA! Glad to see you're getting better. Looking forward to the graduation week updates!

  • Shame sometimes life just throws us a curly one! 😤 Best to rest and those chesty coughs just come out of nowhere sending hugs and get well soon wishes... Here it is overcast and really miserable!! One of those days to snuggle up with something hot (I've got green tea) and watch a good film that takes your mind off the pain... 🙏 That it does not last to long.

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