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All you snow runners are very inspiring

So I have been a real virtualrunner the last few days - snow came down thick and fast friday and Sunday and I havent been for a run since early friday morning. Pavements are packed and I just dont trust myself. :-(

But reading all those blogs means I am itching to get out - am going to investigate the roads and see how clear my route is for tomorrow morning.

In the meantime school closed so going sledging - reckon pulling my son back up the slope will keep my heartbeat up :-)

Keep safe - and happy running everyone


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Have fun sledging! I hope you find a safe route to run for tomorrow. Be sure to let us know how you get on!


thanks for this - regret have to admit got up at 6am for run but still havent found route am happy with in ice - so did exercise DVD....better than the couch I suppose!


Well done for not being tempted to curl up on the couch!


oooh i wish i could go out too, the snows really really deep here and im not sure where i can go (if I didnt have kids off school too! tried an exercise dvd yesterday but only last 10 mins before my 3 yr old drove a dumper between my legs and we ended up in a crumpled heap!).


love this image :-) I got up at 6am to do my run but snow now packed ice so did an exercise DVD instead - luckily my 8 year old was persuaded to get into bed with Dad rather than join in! Good luck getting out soon!


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