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Clothing choice for all you runners

Hi all.

Went out this morning and it was wet and windy 😭. I was just thinking about how I’m slowly starting to buy new bits of clothing as I’m running more.

So What does everyone wear?

There are all sorts from socks upwards I see on websites such as wiggle etc, so I guess you could get as much or little running gear as you wished.

Women’s running clothes seem to be a hell

of a lot funkier.

My old cotton gym t-shirt was soaked through in the rain and got rather heavy as you would expect, so that needs an upgrade at some point so does my jacket which definitely isn’t breathable!!

I’d love to know what everyone likes to wear and what they can suggest.

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I was t-shirt and shorts... soon warmed up and once I’m wet, I’m wet. I do have running socks.

You will need to get out of cotton, modern man made fabrics are better for wicking the sweat off you and into the air.

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Yeah I guess I need to get some different things then. It’s where to find the right gear. Do you get your stuff online?

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UnfitNoMoreGraduate in reply to

Shirts and shorts I just go to sports direct or decathlon... socks were in Lidl on their running week. I’ll most probably shop for a lightweight jacket towards the end of October. Still not sure I can go as far as running tights 😂

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Always get a bargain down the middle isle at Lidl and Aldi 😂 love it!!

Hi Dave,

I've bought a couple of things from Decathlon, T-shirts and shorts etc, they seem to be reasonably priced and they seem very good quality. There's a big store near us, but you can also buy online here:

Yes, a lightweight breathable rain jacket might be next on my list too : )

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Yeah. Rain jacket is probably a must! A breathable one especially!!

I will check their website out, I’ve got some 2in1 shorts which are brill and stop any chafing!!

Got my new trainers and compression socks which I do find quite comfortable.

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Yes I invested in some decent shorts for the same reason! I think I'll treat myself to some new trainers as and when I graduate, my trusty old Reebok classics are doing a good enough job at the moment. But the compression socks sound interesting - i'll have a look...

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The compression socks are a must for me now, definitely feel better for them. Will be looking for lightweight rain jacket, tempted by one in mountain warehouse, they have some good running T-shirts too.

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Is it a breathable one? I got one for cycling a while ago from Go Outdoors and it looks the part but gets sweaty on a run.

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TkayeGraduate in reply to

Apparently, they have quite a good range of running gear online.

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I go to M&M online,More Mile running tops for £5-£7,really effective,I also bought a few base layers for the colder days. Sports Direct for a Karrimor running jacket,all pretty cheap and comfortable for running.

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Yeah I’ve had a quick look last night at decathlon’s. They look pretty cheap. I just don’t want too cheap then have to buy again. But I realise now that cotton t shirts aren’t ideal

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I wear leggings and an old t-shirt. Everything gets sweated through, so easy on, easy off, easy washed is my mantra. If it rains we all get wet ! Being massively overweight and very short, no-one makes fancy gear in my size anyway, but I don’t like to draw attention so the low key look works for me.

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So true. You are here like the rest of us all wanting to get fit and healthy though! Not sure Man leggings would suit me. I sometimes run in some from primark which aren’t too bad, but usually wear shorts over the top.

Totally agree with the easy on easy off, those compression socks can be a bit of a faff at 5 in the morning!! 😂

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ButtercupKidGraduate in reply to

I can imagine - though I’d rather not !

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Bit of a lucky dip at Lidl or Aldi. Try TKMax for posher running tops.

I'm not sure on waterproof stuff as you tend get that boil in the bag experience so use kit that cleans and dries easily.

And non-iron 😸😸😸😸😸

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Absolutely non iron. My running gear will never get ironed 😂

I always do the sales as a lot of the times its half price. Especially the running shops. I always thought the fancy sweat wicking stuff was overpriced nonsense until I bought a headband and did an intense gym class.... I became an instant convert

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