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You're all so inspiring!


Have been a bit exhausted, (still recuperating from radiotherapy) - only did one run last week . Got really worried i might 'gIve up ' ( so tempting). But it happened. Wk 6 r3 done!

The spiders' work was beautiful - all along the river bank.

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What a lovely photo, Annie. No wonder that you are feeling exhausted after the radiotherapy, but many congratulations for completing W6r3, that is a total accomplishment.

I'm amazed you have the energy for anything after radiotherapy! Well done you for getting out there x

anniewebbGraduate in reply to useitorloseit

Strangely, I have more energy on the days I run. Which has proved a pretty good incentive. 😊


Well done u x


Wow ! Massive respect to you Annie, thats shows lots of inner strength and determination , you are one ballsy lady !

Fantastic, Well done !

Lovely photo too xxx


Wow, I think you're doing just brilliantly! I'm so impressed :-)

Awesome Annie! No idea how you are able to cope with radiotherapy as well... Well done and keep enjoying the beauty all around as well- thank you for the pic. 😀


Well done you - that's real dedication! Hope all is going well.

Beautiful photo. It's not just a beautiful subject, either; you really chose a nice composition (or so I think, anyway). Hey, if you're keeping optimistic, and seeking out the good in life while you're recovering from radiotherapy, you're pretty inspiring, yourself, you know?

anniewebbGraduate in reply to gary_bart

Just been reading your story. Have you got advice from a physio? They seem to be much better at understanding and explaining the what and why of impact. Mine has been brilliant.( Though the waiting list was weeks.)

Good luck !

gary_bart in reply to anniewebb

Thanks. I'll probably eventually try a physio, too, but for now I'm just waiting a bit to see how not running affects it. This morning I seem to be a bit more prone to the numbness than usual (where yesterday I thought I was getting better)

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