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Hey Air Guitar Club!....I'm your newest member :-))

So this week has been tough for all runners im sure and it has really put me off my stride. My first run of week 2 was in my local park which was hard but I really enjoyed it. I prefer running first thing but the snow forced me to go into work for run 2 and use the machine (that was not fun) I then put run3 off by an extra day and went this morning ( weirdly enough I had been dreaming of running last night!!) well I had to really watch my step and during the first run I noticed some black ice so slowed to a walk.... Too late... I went down like a sack of spuds right on my behind... Ouch... No worries, got up checked my wrist which took the brunt really and carried on. By the second run (during the heavy rock type song) I felt the urge to air guitar...I actually made myself laugh and after that the rest of the run was really fab (even did an extra victory lap home - sorry Laura) Week 2complete... in yer face snow!

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Air guitar?

You are well named.

I'm glad you're enjoying it, well done woth the perserverance.


ha! I am a fully paid up member of the air guitar running club! lol. The fun I have. Sometimes I also spontaneously burst into song..

Hope you didn't hurt yourself too bad. Be careful on your next run, I think the conditions will be slippy for a while.


well done, and welcome to air guitar club. I try hard to not sing out loud, as it really is painful for anyone listenintg, but sometimes I just can't help accompanying that guitar!

I started running on trails recently and I've changed my running style accordingy when on slippery ground, run with your knees bent, so you are slightly lower to the ground (not dragging knuckles low, just slightly), land softly on the balls of your feet, if it feels comfortable, and really watch out.


It's funny what this running does to us - great to see someone else really enjoying it. :)


I'm a bit of an air drummer myself.....:)


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