12 months ago today, shortly before my 63rd birthday, wearing a new pair of trainers and clutching a red MP3 player with Laura talking to me

I started on my C25K journey never thinking I would complete the programme or still be running 12 months on.

I remember there was snow on the ground and when I got home I actually had snow round my big toe, as I was running around the farm tracks behind the house. So I went and bought a pair of trainers that were less mesh and more filled in. Now I had 2 pairs of trainers, both over £30.00.. By the end of the 6th week both pairs were uncomfortable, as they were too tight. I had bought my shoe size - big mistake . As I was in Tesco's doing my shopping in March and the weather had improved I bought a cheap pair for £6.95. They were the most comfortable pair. And they saw me through.

During the Olympics I saw red and yelllow trainers and I now have a pair of red Nike lunarglide and a pair of yellow Nike trainers. I have always run outside. I have run in wind,rain,sleet and snow and occasionally in the heat when the sun came out.

I have learned a lot about myself during this year. I have lost 7kgs, 4" off my waist and dropped from a 16 - 18 dress size to a 12 -14. But the best bit is I gave up smoking, after over 40 years, on October 1st. The benefits are that I breathe easier and do not make any noises now when I run.

So, how did I celebrate today? I went out for a long slow run across the farm tracks. Lovely.

All you newbies out there, if I can do it so can you. I will be 64 very soon and will be running 3 times a week for as long as I can.


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28 Replies

  • That's a great story OL, thanks for posting.

  • Thanks for reading it

  • Wow - fantastic! And here was me at 40 something, just given up smoking and almost at W5 thinking I was doing something special! You are an inspiration

  • We are all an inspiration to each other. I very rarely blog, but I read a lot of them. They keep you going.

    And you are special, because you will inspire others

  • Well done you oldlady! You are indeed an inspiration and when I'm attempting w3r1(which I'm dreading) i will be thinking of you-thanks x

  • I used to listen to Laura the evening before I was attempting each run,so I knew roughly when she was going to tell me how long I had been running.

    You will be fine and you will look back and think why was I worried about that.

    And you will inspire others .

  • Absolutely brilliant OL (sorry, cant bring myself to call you by your "proper" name :) )!!

    You have achieved so much in those 12 months and have every reason to celebrate and feel proud! A real inspiration for us all, whatever age we are and however long we have been running.

    Happy running!

    Sue x

  • Thanks.

  • Lovely.

  • Thanks

  • What a lovely blog. That is so inspiring. And all those shoes!

    Happy c25k birthday! :)

  • Thank you for reading it

  • Inspirational, thank you for sharing.


  • Thanks

  • What a fantastic blog, your achievement will inspire me when I'm finding it tough, thank you x

  • Thank you for reading it

  • Such an amazing blog! You should be so proud of all that you have achieved!!! I bet you feel and look great! Did you ever think you would ever just go out for a run just to enjoy it? :-) Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more years of running success! Gayle

  • I hated running when I was a nurse in the Army. We had to run twice a year to prove our fitness. I never thought I would enjoy running ever. But having time to go as fast or as slow as I like and for any length I like I really do enjoy running.

    Thank you for reading it and for your kind words

  • Well done you! I turned 63 just before Christmas and hadn't run since my schooldays, and then reluctantly. Now I'm on week 6 and graduation is in sight.

    These podcasts are amazing! Now I hope they're working on Laura's version of the 10K podcasts - I don't like the sound of Samantha!

  • I am quite happy with 5K. I can run it in 30 minutes.

    I use my own music and use slower songs if I want to run for 45 or 60 minutes.

    I just enjoy being out in the fresh air with m y own thoughts and peace.

  • What an amazing story. Many congratulations. Keep on running :-)

  • I will and thanks

  • Well done to you you certainly are giving me hope, I start week 4 tomorrow I was 65 at christmas never run before, so I will keep telling myself to just get on with it and not to be a whimp. Keep on running.

  • Just take it one step at a time and it really will be worth it.

    Good luck and keep on reading the blogs for inspiration.

  • Your story it fanastic, you are fantastic............WOW!

  • Thank you

  • What a fab blog. Happy Anniversary and big congratulations :-)

  • Very well done,! A great story. Long may you continue.

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