Anyone getting out in this weather?

Was really looking forward to run on Monday, woke up to heavy rain and winds of 30mph which put paid to my enthusiasm. Eventually at 1800, the rain went off and I sneaked in a 7k slow jog in the dark, before the hailstones arrived at 2200. Tomorrow is my running day, the snow is down and its -1 just now . So I will be keeping an eye on anything changing throughout the day in the vain hope I can get out there. love walking in the snow but its the run I want to do.

So has anyone managed to brave those elements so far this week?


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22 Replies

  • I think the best thing is to go for it. You can bundle up more because you will sweat less because of the cold weather. Best place to run is to go to a nearby park and get the right shoes so that its safe. This article really helped my brother last year when he was in training

  • I went for a post Christmas / New Year run and found myself slipping and sliding all over a large amount of compacted snow and ice on the route I selected! Completed 8km but came home with a nasty cold and am now holed up in bed with medicines. :(

  • Still haven't managed a run since the 12th. The snow and compacted ice means its just not safe. getting annoyed now.

  • Good luck, wrap up warm and go slow... I'm due to go out tomorrow morning and I'm expecting bad weather!!!! Take care

  • Get out there and enjoy the snow. Beware of ice and go carefully.

  • Rignold. Still too much ice under the snow so now a week since the last run, but managed a 10k walk on Friday with the dogs.

  • Managed to complete the Great Winter Run in driving wind backed up with hail stones last Saturday - very painful experience, luckily the hail did not start until we were well on our way, and then changed to wet snow.

    Happy running - and keep safe

  • oh poor you. I was walking and got hit with those hailstones very painful indeed.

  • Snow is lovely with the right shoes, ice not so much, so easier to run on the 'roads less travelled'

    I had an early lunch yesterday so I could run late lunchtime (wasn't well enough earlier) and then looked at the forecast and decided to postpone an hour or so in hopes of catching the sunshine. It was a bit of a high risk strategy but I knew I'd be motivated to get out there one way or another as the dog had missed out on a walk the day before, and I put my running stuff on first thing if it is a running day.

    Really enjoyed my (wet and muddy) run and still get a silly kick out of being comfortable in sub zero temperatures in nothing more than leggings and long sleeved t shirt. Oddly it was the dog who took some persuading - not sure whether she was scared of something or there were some especially interesting smells near the car but she kept turning round and heading back up the track to start with.

  • I've just come in from week 9, run 3. I've finally done it!!!. It was totally white with snow underfoot and I was somewhat reticent, but decided to give it a go as finishing C2%K was supposed to be one of my New Year's resolutions. I took it carefully and ran rather more slowly than usual (5k at a 6:20 pace rather than my usual 5:45 - 5:50). I'm back, I survived and I'm happy (and as a bonus, when I weighed myself after I've also hit my target weight - the weight I was when I got married 35 years ago...).

  • Awesome! Really well done you!

  • I'm probably the odd one out here. I've got a lot of respect for snow and ice, and my running shoes are not 4-wheel-drive, so I would be tempted to swap the run for a treadmill run when the white stuff or ice is covering the ground. So far I've been fortunate and only had to do it once this winter. I know most other regular runners on this forum is made of sterner stuff :)

  • Safety first I have to agree

  • Don't have a gym membership so can't use a treadmill, but have been out walking in this weather and its been great.

  • I have to admit to being a bit of a wuss regarding the weather. I don't mind the rain at all, but wind can be hard work if it's strong enough. This morning however when I was out, no snow but the pavements were very icy. I was terrified of slipping and jarring my back or slipping completely over! I did slip a little bit and it scared me enough to make me walk most of the way home :(

    If I had access to a treadmill I'd rather be on that than risk it.......

  • luckily not experienced snow yet, frosty icy paths , just have to take more care and layer up the clothes :D

  • Yes I ran yesterday and the wind had dropped somewhat and it only started to drizzle as I finished, so I count myself lucky. Been out walking with the dog just now and I was slipping all over the place! I have some ice grabbers (Bettaware) on my running shoes and they made a world of difference. Pity they don't fit on my walking boots.

    I ran yesterday and wore a band round my ears to keep the cold wind out but I ended up taking my running jacket off as I was too hot. Put it back on when I'd done though, for the short walk home

    You get really quite used to the weather as you progress through the programme. I was a total wuss at first but after a few times of turning out in really cold weather I got used to it. I warm up in the hall so I'm really warmed up before setting off for the brisk five minute walk.

    I hope the snow holds off so you can get out there. Good luck

  • Still no luck since 12th, but the ice and snow are just too dangerous.

  • I try to run in all weathers if I can. Having said that, we've not had much snow up here so can't say I've tried that yet and the other day the wind was VERY strong, it was such hard work just staying upright let alone moving, so maybe I should have resorted to the gym! I've run in very heavy rain and felt elated once home, the ice is a pain but the ground I run on is quite rough and there have usually been a couple of cars on the track by the time I go out, so that helps.


  • I didn't let the weather beat me this morning but to be fair it was only cold with some hail/light sleet.

    I'm not the best on uneven ground so will be avoiding ice and snow.

    Take care xx

  • Finally found a route that had been cleared of snow and ice whilst out walking the dogs. I realised the this area was part of route used by the local running club, so they had cleared each side of path on a dual carriage way. So next morning in -3 degrees I managed a successful run of 9k and felt great. Was the only run of the week. So am back in the running shoes again folks. And I feel great.

  • I have to congratulate any one who runs in the winter weather. Left UK after 3 weeks and just couldn't fathom how to run in this weather. It looked scary!

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