Not me, the weather. Speedy George had the day off today so for the first time we went out together. I said "No-o! Don't run with me, I want to go round by myself still!" So he ran in and out of the trees, I kept spotting him like the girl in the red coat in that film with Julie Christie in ("Don't Look Now?") except it was a green running jacket. Anyway, week 7 day 2 under my belt. Which I need an extra hole in. Good Times.

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  • Well done missus! A stiff breeze in one direction on my run today, but glorious sunshine so I forgave the weather gods. Glad I don't have to run with anyone fast - I think that would be a bit demoralising!

  • Glad we went so early, a bit later and it was blowing a proper hooly, and bitter, too! Yes he's used to running with people and I'm not, he chats while I still have to go slowly and concentrate on breathing

  • brilliant, well done you, glad you conquered the 'wind'. Well done on the weight loos too :)

  • well done

  • Well done you - you make it sound so easy!

  • Crikey it's never easy! Still finding it quite a challenge, the first 10 mins seem really hard but once everything has warmed up I get into my stride a bit better every week

  • I wonder if it ever gets easy - or do we always push ourselves.

  • Week 7 already! Crikey! That's flown by

    You're doing great work there Allie, you really are. Well done

  • Hey well done. You're doing brilliantly. Not long until you graduate now. Where have those weeks gone?

  • :D :D sounds like a fun run Allie well done :D 7 runs to go :D

  • Sounds bracing! Good on you for getting this one done.

  • Well done Ali, its all coming along nicely.

    Fab stuff , luvvly jubbly ! :-) xxx

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