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after an epic fail on friday, i gave myself a couple of days rest. but i have been so busy at the begining of the week i didnt have a chance to do the 3rd run. but i made time today and i feel great. run went well, and after being in two minds friday about repearting w1 or not i have decided to continue onto W2 :D

And on an even better note i have lost 11lb since november, still got a way to go. but making a slow and steady progress.

onwards and upwards my friends


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Hi Tyler really well done on your achievements! Youre making

great progress and as you say onwards and upwards. Ed x


Great going Tyler!


thanks :D xx


Well done on your weight loss. That's really good going,especially since we've had Christmas in between.


All very impressive. Sounds like a really positive attitude too - to go from 'epic fail' to 'I don't need to repeat that week' is brilliant.



bloomin 'eck well done you on losing all of that weight and keeping going in the running. I found week 2 easier because although the runs are a little longer there are less of them and as long as you keep it nice, slow and steady you'll do great!


thanks everyone.

i was getting a little worried about w2 coz i thought the running was increasing whilst the brisk wallking was going to either going to stay the same or maybe decrease. so im glad the walking increases too.

has anyone struggled with the cold winter air? i needed to drink more than usual coz my throat kept drying up. x


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