W1R3 "failure"

W1R2 I found really really hard - mainly I wasn't able to properly control my breathing. I did a lot of gardening yesterday and decided to go out again after only 1 days break between all 3 runs.

I felt okay at first but I could only do 50 secs of run 1 and I knew that I was going to be lucky to do the 2nd one. My legs felt awful and my breathing was rubbish again and I struggled to be ready after the first 90 sec walk.

I'm afraid I gave up after about 18 minutes because if I had run on at that point I would have had to face hills and I just couldn't face that.

So, I've decided I'll just have to have 2 days in between runs.

Any thoughts, ideas. experiences?


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  • As we say on here, there's no such thing as a failed run. There are runs that don't go how you'd like them too and there are ones that *Really* dont go how you like them to, but they're always better than not running at all. You really do need to take your rest days, because that's when your muscles recover and get stronger, so taking an extra day or 2 or 3 between runs is a good idea. Better luck next time :)

  • Each run is different. The breathing was the thing I needed to sort at beginning. Now getting outside its the breathing rhythm that's helped me

  • Were you hydrated? It's totally normal to really struggle if you're not hydrated, people massively underestimate the impact that it has.

    From personal experience I wouldn't have thought that extra rest days would make a huge difference, but everyone works differently.

    Try going on long walks because it sounds like you need to build some cardiovascular stamina. Walks of 40 - 60 minutes will help and then move on to the C25ks or if you're really wanting to do them then do the first half of the podcast, do a 5 minute walk and then do the second half.

    Just maintain achievable goals and you'll feel better. No run is a bad run!

  • As AM says - there is never a failed run. We all have good days and bad days. This one looks like it was possibly a "learning experience". Take a minimum of a full days rest between runs at this stage. If you need 2, take 2. When you next go out, try running more slowly. It's not the distance that matters. It's being able to keep moving for the amount of time that's important. If you can't manage that, stay at the level you are on and keep repeating until you can. C25K takes many people a lot longer than 9 weeks to work through. Persevere though, because the benefits are enormous. Just keep at it and you'll get there. I know you can do it - it's just a matter of you persuading yourself that you can.

  • If fuelling and hydration were under control and all other things equal, then if you can't breathe, you are simply going too fast. Slow down until breathing is comfortable, regardless of your pace. It is impossible to maintain a pace at which you can't breathe properly.

    Every run is training for the next one........you live and learn and there is a lot to learn as a new runner, mainly about yourself. Good luck.

  • Awww thanks everyone! It's so nice to hear sound advice from people who know what they're talking about. I am going to take proper rest days and if I can't run it, at least walk. And no - I'm not giving up!

  • That's the spirit! Keep plugging away and you will surprise yourself.

  • Don't doubt your capacity to do this - it's early days yet and I can assure you that I was gasping for breath for the first few weeks. I was yelling at Laura when she told me to get running again because I was still getting my breath back.. So keep going, get ample rest, don't try to run too fast, and pat yourself on the back each time you've run. Keep us posted!

  • Two days break before your next run sounds sensible but the most important thing is to slow down. If you are not getting enough air into your lungs, you are going too fast. Go as slow as you need to get through the 60 second running stints.

  • I found the breathing really hard at the start but the thing is I was just trying to go far too quick! Even if you think people could overtake your running whilst walking, who cares, it's the action of running, moving the arms and legs, you'll get there! Just slooooow down and try again. Every run is different, some are amazing, some aren't but you know what - you aren't on the sofa, you're out trying, so give yourself a pat on the back and keep trying! :)

  • Don't give up! I repeated week 1 twice, so ended up doing the runs 6 times, and was really out of breath, but when I moved onto week 2, it wasn't quite so bad. I did W4 R1 today and didn't get out of breath, although my legs ached. Just take it gently, and I found that it helped to have a sip of water at the end of each of the runs when recovering with the walks. Don't run too fast, you will learn your own pace. I never thought I would get this far, so keep going! X

  • I just asked a similar question, im on week 7 now and i need longer than one day in between most of the time.

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