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I was quite nervous about going out in the dark but I kept to well-lit streets and it was early in the evening so felt reasonably safe.

The jog/walk felt easier tonight than it had on Sunday morning. Don't know what that's down to: having more energy, having eaten something earlier, no alcohol for a couple of days or what. But I actually found myself feeling disappointed when Laura told me to slow back down into a walk after a few of the runs. Yes, after one or two I was ready to walk again but the majority I felt I could've kept going a bit longer. Feels like progress. :)

Roll on Friday afternoon and week 2! Maybe those 90 second blasts will be manageable after all! (Although there's a little voice in my head telling me not to speak too soon).

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Good for you! I hated week one. Sounds as if you'll do fine.

All the bet



Great starting week, Pam! Tell that little voice it doesn't know what it's talking about - you're on the road to the new fitter you, and little voices can stay behind and sulk if they want to! :)


Sounds like you're doing great. I struggled through all the runs the first week. But they do get easier, as you're finding out. Keep it up!


well done you!!

methinks you fitter than you thought you were :-)

the only voice in your head you should listen to is the one telling you that you can do it!!

keep running Pam! and keep blogging!

ali ;-)


Thanks :)

Never considered myself seriously unfit but I've never been able to run more than 100 yards. Hopeless at school and always hated the runs around the playing field. Or rather the walks because I couldn't run it. If only the teacher had trained us up gradually like the C25K programme she might have had me running by the time i left school! :)


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