W1R3.....getting there

So after what felt like a horrific R2, today's run felt an awful lot better, but I think it might be beneficial to repeat a run (if not 2!) before moving on to week 2. Disappointed in myself (which I know is silly but can't seem to help!), but I'd far rather play safe than push on.

On the plus side, what a difference a bra makes! First run in the sports bra and wow! I didn't think anything would be able to stop the bouncing but it did! :)


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12 Replies

  • Well done completing W1 and I am pleased you found this run better than the last. Its amazing what difference a good bra makes (for us women!), why not try W2 and see how it goes, you may surprise yourself. If need be you can repeat W2R1. Have fun anyway x

  • Hi Ufon, you do what you think is right for you, but I agree with no-excuse, why not give it a go ? You might surprise yourself ! :-) xx

  • If you manage to complete all 3 runs I would give the next week a try. I have found each week really tough and thought I would never manage the next week but I have reached week 6 by listening to the advice on this forum and trusting in the programme. Good luck x

  • Agreed- proper sports bras are amazing. Nice not to be knocked out by your knockers! LOL

  • Hi ufon. Well done on completing W1. There's no reason to feel disappointed at all. Everyone is different and repeating a run, or two, shouldn't be any reason to feel disappointed in yourself. Look ahead at your ultimate goal and work to reach it whatever way suits you. You've completed W1, celebrate that fact and give yourself a pat on the back for doing so. Have a go at W2R1 and see how you feel. You may surprise yourself :)

  • Well done on completing week 1. In general I do agree with others that it might be worth giving W2 a try. However, everyone is different and if you really feel repeating a run would be of benefit then, by all means, do what you are most comfortable with. In the early weeks of the programme I repeated each week (1 and 2) before moving on due to my age and level of unfitness. I did try to push on to week three without a repeat and couldn't do it. I reverted to week 2 and had a failed run on that. It knocked me for six and I didn't run again for two weeks. I restarted on week 2, which I did twice, then I did week 3 which I was going to repeat. However, I just felt I wanted to move on at that point and have never needed to repeat a run or week since. Go with what you feel comfortable with. Good luck whatever you decide to do and very best wishes.

  • Well done Ufon! Have a go at week 2; we all have bad run days, but as I have been told by other people, only repeat a run that you haven't been able to do, not one you have. Your endurance is growing with every run and it's because we are pushing ourselves that we are able to do more each time! Even I haven't failed one yet, and that's saying something! Each run makes me smile (not at the time-too busy grunting for that!) as I do the cool-down walk home. Keep the faith!

  • Agree with fitmo, do what is right for you. If you want to repeat week 1 then do so, but if you want to give week 2 a try then go for that too. The most important thing is to do what wont knock your confidence, then you are more likely to keep going.

    If you do go onto week 2, the achievement you will feel when you have done it will be amazing. If you dont go onto week 2, the confidence you will have when finally going into it will stand you in good stead. You have done the first week, and thats brilliant.

    Good luck, whichever you do.

  • I did run 3 today also and am worried about week 2!! How does it change? Well done!

  • At the end of every week, well actually, every run in the first three weeks, I thought I'd just repeat the week before moving on. But when it came to it, I moved on to the next week, and discovered I could do it! I say, stay confident and give it a shot! And well done for completing week 1 - you've made a great start. :)

  • Congratulations on getting out there again and discovering the joy of a sports bra. Repeating is not a bad thing if you feel like you need to, but sometimes it can be a bit more of a mental block rather than a physical one. You might surprise yourself and be able to do week two, but if you feel that potentially having a bad start to week two would set you back mentally then wait till you are ready. This is your journey but we're here to cheer you on

  • hi! good!! we are on the way! I just finished W1R2, next Friday will be W1R3. Good luck! xoss

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