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At last a run outside, first in over a month, - - damn that was GOOOOD

Well this morning the weather was cold but although it had been raining it wasn't as I headed out of the door. First outside run in well over a month, what would I manage!?! Well if the truth be told I didn't really care, the important thing was I was out here, puffing and panting my way up a very wet track. I had to walk twice briefly, I could blame the under foot conditions but it was really my lack of stamina. Oh well I'll get it back.

Out come of the run, 3K just in 22 minutes, yippee :) after struggling with sciatica, bad weather then holiday in the sun which I was a lazy muppet the whole two weeks, I'm feeling quite pleased with myself now as I type this. Boy oh boy do I miss my running when I don't get out there.

Gym class tomorrow, I hope I did enough stretching to prevent me being all stiff and achey tomorrow!

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Well done you - I was wondering just the other day what you've been up to! :-D

I was 'running' outside today for the first time in yonks, been stuck on a treadmill and 'resting' due to runner's knee, hopefully well on the mend now - I did week one half run 2 today:

Keep on running, oldgirl! :-)


I hope I've done enough stretching too. Guess only time will tell.

Bet it will be no time before you are back to the distances you were doing previously. Happy running :)


Glad you've got out again - it's a relief to find you can still do it, isn't it ? I've only run twice since Boxing Day and really want to start my half-marathon plan but still haven't quite shaken off my chesty cough.

It's been snowing this evening in Shropshire - seems to have stopped now though.


Message from my brother said the snow had been and gone (he's Shrewsbury). We have plenty here today but its quite wet stuff and this mornings lot melted quite quickly. However its back on again this afternoon and still falling. Will have to look out my snow spikes.

Not too stiff this morning after yesterday's run and had 2 good workouts at gym classes this morning. Biggest challenge was getting to the gym with cars sliding about on the bad roads, it was very interesting I can tell you.


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