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That was hard but at least it was something

I ve been laid low, well not low as in flat out but low as in just getting the normal busy work, fostering, family and animals daily jobs done while having some sort of energy zapping virus which did nt leave any energy for a run. Worrying I was never going to get back to it I thought I would get out and just do something my loose goal was a slow 20 min run and I was pleased to have done a respectable 3.6k in 25 minutes but boy was it hard and I am now sat here recovering with the biggest headache going which is unusual as I don't normally get them. Any way st least I K ow I can still run a bit!

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I know how you feel, Tombenoly . Well done for getting back out there. Hope you are rehydrating yourself, that may help with the headache.


Well done in these difficult circumstances and such a good time. Hope he headache disappears.

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Well done you... maybe the headache is sinus cold, from the run... I will wear my woolly hat now..( when I am off the IC) with it pulled well down, else I get headache type pain..


Good for you and great times as well! Fitting runs round a busy life is not easy so a huge pat on the back for going out! X


Well done for getting out there!


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