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w6r3 - damn that was hard

the run today went wrong from the start. I had two lousy meetings at work and my guts are churning. I couldn't get the iPhone on my arm and three minutes in, it dropped on the floor. I had tostop, pick it up, get it attached properly, reattach my headphones and start again.

The run was hell. I wanted to give up from the first minute. I was tired, aching and more than a bit worried that the iPhone would fall out again. The run went on forever. The only thing that saved it was that a song came on that had exactly the right bpm. The last 5 minutes were horrible. But I wouldn't give up. I concentrated on breathing and it felt like I counted every single step.

Then it was over. 25 minutes in one stint and week 6 finished.

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Well done, you did it and that is what counts :) I will be running that one tomorrow, eek.


good luck for tomorrow :)


Keep at it, it gets easier. Soon you'll find it is more natural to constantly run than to run/walk.


Well done for sticking with it and making it to the end! Did you have your own music or are you using the podcast? A decent tune can make such a difference. I have to do that run on Thursday and am already trying to get a route planned that has no uphill bits :)


I use the app when I can get it to work and my favourite tunes. good luck with Thursday.


Well done for getting through it despite the horrible lead up to it! You have turned a massive corner getting past week 6- the hardest week BY FAR for many of us :-)

Keep going, you're on the home straight! :-D


Having finished the last week 5 run, I will stepping up to week 6 , so my expectations are well managed after reading your post


Well done for sticking with it. I have been running for over 2 years now, and believe me there are still days when it seems ridiculously difficult and things go wrong. Then there are those times when it feels like you are flying. You're out there doing it, that's what counts.

Good luck with the rest of the plan - you're nearly there!


We all get bad days, and I must admit on a couple of occasions I cut short the run, took an extra day rest and tried again. I got there in the end, a week later than I could have, but what are a few days in the grand scheme of running? We all have different abilities and some of us need that little bit longer to get our body to follow our head. Just try to forget that run and go to your next run with a positive attitude.

Good luck with the rest of the program.


That sounds like true girt. Well done. I'm not there yet but you're an inspiration. I had to stop twice today on my 5 min run (so I did an extra minute at the end, otherwise I would have felt I'd cheated). Once was for a car to pass, then a worm on the road that might have been squashed so I had to go back and pick it up and put it on the bank!

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The programme seems to work best using the podcasts on an MP3 player.

You met the notorious Week 6! It catches everyone out!!!! After week 6 you're batting downhill so no worries

You did the right thing by not quitting. The main thing with C25k is the complete the session. If you slow your running right down you should be able to do that

Good luck!


The fact that you went out and kept at it is brilliant. Some runs are harder than others, but the determination to overcome that and carry on is what will get you through the whole programme. Big pat on the back for you. Hope your next run is better!


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