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Well that was a bit rubbish

Set out this morning to do my faster, shorter run. Started off quite well until my music started playing up. Had to slow down to a almost a slow shuffle to get it sorted. Upped the pace again and then swallowed a swarm of flies which had me coughing and sputtering.

About half a km later the music packed up again and then I had to call the dog and put him on the leash as two huge rottweillers loomed into view (turns out they seen us and turned tail).

Struggled to get started again and eventually called time at around 17minutes.

Really disappointed. I know any run is better than none but things were going so well.

Anyhoo. I am tempted to go out again tomorrow as I dont feel as if I have done much today.

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Poor you! That does seem like a series of unfortunate events. Still, as you so rightly point out, there's always tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of your day!


Thanks AM. Having just re read my post I sound like a petulant child. To think that I am actually disappointed at running 3km just shows how good the C25K programme is.

Time to 'man up' and get on with it. If that is the worst thing that happens to me this week, well,...... I guess I am truly blessed.

Apologies for the moan


Yes... Count those blessings! All that extra protein from the flies for example! :)


:D Might try and introduced miles yonder to a new chocolate fly covered rice cake (CFRC)


I had to have a drink of my coffee while reading about the flies! Yuk! I can't eat before running, let alone during! ;-) Onwards and forwards to the next run - which will no doubt feel amazing xx


Apologies PandaRunner. :-)

Sometimes you just have to take on that extra sustenance while pounding the pavements




I run on the trails quite a lot and notice that the darned gnats etc are worse in the evening. It's so easy to hoover them up as you jog along. Hard to keep your mouth shut and breathe at the same time though. I'm practicing!

Keep up the good work Runner56. As Laura tells you, there are some bad running days and there is no rhyme or reason for it, so put those behind you and think about the next one. Have your rest day though, whatever.


Thank you Miss. Its really the first bad run I have had and totally unexpected. Guess thats why I was disappointed.

Not so much now. Onwards and upwards :D


As you said yourself... any run is better than no run. We will all have bad days every now and then, but as long as we don't let them defeat us, we're alright. Just like you'll be perfectly fine on your next run.


Cheers Thomas.

Roll on Saturday for the next run :-)


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