Am I really the only C25k-er doing the Edinburgh Parkrun?

We had 391 runners at Cramond today but I seem to be the only one admitting to C25k.

Lots of people on this site do the Parkruns but I'm not sure if everyone realises you can put your club as 'NHS Couch to 5k' as your club. The results get collated to admin on this site.

Come on folks - let's spread the word!


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18 Replies

  • I wondered how those posts about parkruns knew who was on here! Now I know. When (one day maybe in a few months/years) I do a parkrun, I must remember to credit this group! Rather like the idea of it being an official club.

    Aha! I am a member of a running club! How hilarious! Thank you for pointing this out - my family will love that! (Too many exclamation marks there - no, maybe not.)

  • When I registered, it didn't give me the option of my club being C25k. Think I better check back, thanks Wil.

    And Greeners, what's this months/years lark?

    We're at about the same stage of the programme, what say we set a day and go for it? It's not as if people don't run/walk them.

  • It's just that my nearest one doesn't often seem to have anyone slower than 35 min, and there's no way I'll be able to do that for ages (see post about age gradings etc).

    However... This week there were quite a few slower people, so I'll look next week and see, and then I'll seriously consider it. I don't mind being amongst the last, but am not keen on being about 10 minutes behind everyone else! I'd prefer to be invisible, not having people cheering me on because I'm being so determined etc etc.

  • Just looked again - I'd have been 2nd to last on my today's time - BUT - my route doesn't have the big hill in it that the parkrun does (well, it looks big to me) - so I'd have been last. But maybe not by so very much. I am weakening!

  • I've not the slightest idea what my time would be as I don't know how far I'm actually running/walking. What do you use?

  • I'm a bit spoilt because I've got a garmin gps beast (not a runners one, a walkers one with maps on - posh Christmas present) which is a brilliant toy. It tracks my run and then I can download my route and view it on google earth, with my running pace and all the hills and things in a neat little graph - which suits my geeky side very well. I can spend hours playing with it, finding which bits were fastest.

    But before I'd got that working I just mapped my route on one of the free mapping sites (I used or SparkPeople) . I worked out a 5k circuit from my front door. I like being able to time myself walking/running it about once a week, to see how I'm getting on.

    Then again, maybe it's better not to know, and just get on with it. I do tend to overanalyse things!

  • Ha ha!

    Thanks Greeners. I think I'll continue to focus on getting through the programme for now but will check out that mapping site sometime soon.

  • Done. The drop down options are copious and while I checked C25k, Couch to 5k etc, I didn't spot it started 'NHS' Couch to 5k.

  • Just ran my first Parkrun today (well, second - my bar code didn't work first time), but it was at St Andrews. Didn't know about being able to register as C25K. Will do that now and probably come to Cramond sometime in the spring. See you then!

  • I've thought about doing St Andrews sometime when the weather improves.

  • I've committed to doing my first one on the first Saturday in Feb, which should be bang on target for me finishing week 9 - I know a few people who do it regularly and I've been repeatedly reassured that first time slowcoaches are warmly welcomed!

  • At St Andrews, that is!

  • Wow, 391 runners at Cramond yesterday? That's impressive! I hope to do the Edinburgh parkrun one day but I'm still working on doing 5k in 30 minutes so I think it will be several months. I'm way too slow, all the organisers will have gone home by the time I reach the finish line! I must also admit that I need to build up my confidence - I'm really nervous about doing a parkrun, mainly because I don't know what to expect. Anyway wilmacgh, hopefully you will see me at Cramond one day and I will definitely register as C25 k.

  • I mentioned on another blog/question yesterday that I was in the same boat with regards to parkruns so what I did was go along and see for myself. I didn't run, just turned up and chatted with folk there. It completely reassured me that times are really only a personal thing, many people walk sections and even as I left (about an hour after it had started) people were still completing their runs. Not many but enough to convince me that I wouldn't be causing anyone any delay.

    Try doing the same, you'll see for yourself it's a really friendly atmosphere.

  • Thank you Fingalo, I will do what you suggest and I'm sure it will put my mind at ease

  • I'm the only one registered as belonging to the 'club' NHS Couch to 5k' at my local Parkrun - Inverness. Not that I've been for a while. My son is the only one running under the 'Vegan Runners' banner.

  • For those thinking they might be too slow for a Parkrun, of the 391 at Cramond, there were 65 people between 30 and 41 minutes. There is always a tail runner who brings up the rear to make sure everyone is OK. they chat and encourage the people at the end and don't put them under any pressure. Not sure if all the Parkruns do this. The only other one I've done was Kawana in Australia but it was a much small event (30 or so) and also still in its first few weeks.

    The ethos is to be welcoming and you'll see from the posts on this site that almost everyone has found them really friendly.

  • Thanks wilmacgh, that's really encouraging. I will definitely do a parkrun at Crampnd this year, but think I will get my time down to 30 mins first.

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