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Hi all! I'm currently on Week 5, first day done and "fondly anticipating" the 20 min run this Friday :) It took me a while to decide to start C25K and I think what finally did it was moving to Hove. Along the sea front here the conditions are wonderful, (the flat terrain, the view!) and the number and variety of runners is astonishing! I like to spot other people I think might also be participating in this programme - running gear, phone strapped to arm, ear-buds in, walking - and then running! I wonder if anyone's got me sussed. And what made them, or you reading this, take the plunge?


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19 Replies

  • I'm also on week 5, and the dreaded run 3 is my next scheduled run! I'm in Brighton but in a more hilly area than you....I do my jogging around preston park (but always make sure I stick to flat bit). Everyone I see seems to do the running/walking combo....but dunno if they're doing the programme or not! Good luck with run 3....:-)

  • Good luck to you, too!

  • There are loads of running events down there, and bound to be C25kers in the vicinity. When you graduate you can buy, from here, a metal graduate badge. That would be your ID as you can wear it on your running jacket.

    I took the plunge as I was pointed towards C25k by a lady at WW class. She had started on the programme and raved about it. She thought me a likely candidate as I'd lost a lot of weight and was looking to get fit. I've never looked back. You won't either!

  • Brilliant story, well done, and thanks! So far I'm really happy with it, bit nervous about this week, but I'm not in a rush :)

  • Go steadily, nice and slow and you'll be fine. Like you say, no rush, just a light jog (as Laura says)

  • Well done :-)

    I wonder that too! Although I've never seen anyone else walking- they run at the speed of light and I have to remind myself that it's not a competition and not to feel bad!

    I started running because I'm the fattest I've ever been and I could tell my blood pressure was high- I could feel my pulse going around my body even at rest!

    I'm onto week 6 now and my asthma is better, my blood pressure feels better and I feel like my head is less cluttered.

    I love your expression of fondly anticipating run 3, you'll be so chuffed when you've finished it! Xxx

  • Ha, yes I remind myself of that too :) Good to know you're doing so well, I know what you mean about the head less cluttered too, it's great. And thanks, I am definitely looking forward to that chuffed feeling!

  • Good luck for Friday! Having said that you won't need it because I did the 20 mins this morning and if I can do if everybody else definitely can :)

    I don't see any other runners when I'm out. Its just dog walkers, the groundsmen and me in the park after the morning school run. Perhaps running laps of the lake is too boring for some but its working for me while I get through the plan :)

    I started running out of a need to lose weight and get fit with no spare money to splurge on a gym membership. I actually started by just going for a brisk walk every day, and then my partner started going for runs and it annoyed me that I couldn't run (or so I thought!) I knew about C25K style plans and had even had a go in the past, but that was from a book without St Laura to prod me to keep going so gave up after a week or so. No stopping me this time though!!

  • Thank you :) And jolly well done you! I don't know what it is about Hove, I never saw so many people running about. All the best for Week 6!

  • I bet its the sea front that brings everyone out! I'd love to do that :) Unfortunately I'm a good 50-60 miles from the coast and I don't think I could run that far yet, lol! So its the lake, or run through town dodging all the shoppers for me. When I grow up I want to live at the seaside!!

  • Enjoy the rest of the week's runs. By the end of your Friday run I'm sure you will be buzzing :) Just trust in Laura :)

  • Thank you xxx

  • Oh how I love Hove.. and running.. and w5r3 was my fave moment (up to w9r3 that is!).

    Good luck - I bet you'll love it.

    When ever I see other runners, I too wonder if they've completed, or are doing, or know about c25k - I'm a bit obsessed still by the whole thing, having gone from being a chubby complete non-runner, to a 5k runner :)

    I'll be in Hove 30/31 December - but it's gonna be a drinkie affair so I won't have my running gear.. or will I..?? (love Hove Place - a favourite watering hole while visiting).

    Good luck for Friday - let us know how you get on.

    :) xx

  • Thank you! Hove seems great, we're still finding our way around as we haven't been here very long, but it definitely feels like a good move :) I'll have to check out Hove Place - enjoy your drinkies, and no running gear!! xx

  • I lived in Hove many years ago, lovely place! Lucky you to run there.

    I started C25K when a journalist friend of mine wrote a blog about his C25K journey. He's not the thinnest of men, and I thought if he can do it, why shouldn't I? I've always been fit and done some form of exercise, swimming was my last passion, but I live half the year in a place with no pool, and was suffering whistling ears and dizzy spells - they've all stopped with running...

  • Wow, that could almost be my story! I'm still swimming (another advantage of Hove is being near the pool, although I'm not brave enough to try the sea on a regular basis) - I wonder if the running will help my ear problems too - glad to hear yours are gone... running is taking over somewhat at the moment though, it's my latest thing :D And I was also inspired by following a friend's adventures. Well, I look forward to being a graduate like you!

  • I took up c25k to empathise with my daughter who was about to undergo some serious physical training as part of her career development. I'd been losing weight too so it seemed like a good way to set an example. Good luck with that 20 minute run. For me, it was the run that changed everything. You won't believe how good you're going to feel afterwards!

  • What a great dad! And thank you :) Looks like I might have to postpone that run though, stupid "weather bomb"...

  • Yay! W5R3 is IN THE BAG :D

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