Thinking of doing the C25K


I am thinking of doing the C25K training programme. I had a baby in April and have been eating healthy as well as training for 30mile bike race which is this Sunday, and although this has seen me shift a stone in weight (I still need to loose another 1.5 stones) I am quite nervous that after my race and with the dark nights coming I will slip back into the no exercise regime.

So I thought I would sign up to the C25K program (starting next week) as I would be able to train in the day with the buggy. However I am the worlds worst runner πŸƒ at school I use to do a pretend faint on sports day - I can't even remember if I have ever run in my life ( I think I must have done because I remember that horrid burning throat sensation) so quite nervous that I will never graduate from this program but determined to give it a go 😊

Wish me luck πŸ€


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  • Good for u, running with the buggy will be great fun for u both. You don't need to be a runner to start, just come as you are and let Laura guide you through, look forward to hearing all about it! πŸ˜€

  • hi and welcome :) and well done on your decision to start C25K :) the cycling is a good cross training sport to do :D

    Running with the buggy will be great for you both :)

    We all started in roughly the same place as you, as non runners, that is the great thing as the program will week on week build you up to running for 30mins at the end of week 9 .. I am sure that seems like an impossible task right now but if you take each week and run as it comes you will be just fine ... if you need to repeat a run then you can or a week ..

    The main is to go out and enjoy it :D good luck and keep posting with your progress

  • Thank you for the positive comments it really does help and I can't wait to be able to run for 30 minutes 😊

  • You can't have been the world's worst runner - that was me!!! : -) Don't worry you will fit in well with the rest of us and will probably (hopefully) suprise yourself!

    Go for it!

  • Thank you 😊

  • Go for it. I see a number of mums running with their buggy when I am out and about and think it is fantastic on two levels. Firstly mum gets back into shape and toddlers see exercise positively. Too few families enjoy the simple pleasures of the great outdoors today where I live it seems. I was heartened recently when I saw a little chap in Battersea Park give his bike to his granny and piped up that he wanted to play running. Interestingly the mum chastised the boy for burdening granny with the bike but on this occasion granny did the right thing. Running was enjoyable and effortless.

    I am a good deal older than you and interesting we have the same awful memories of school sport. I used to hide in the churchyard on cross country runs - I did have the good grace to come in last though. It does not need to be unpleasant - challenges are smallish and achievable at the outset and with success comes the motivation to see it through to the end. It is a 9 week programme but if it takes longer so be it. You are in charge. No sergeant major teacher driving you beyond your limitations or worse sitting in their warm office while you pound the streets. Oh yes, school sport was truly awful.

    Putting the needs of a new little person sometimes means that mum's needs take second place. Shifting baby weight can be challenge so good on you for finding ways to take control of your own well-being. Good luck with the bike race and hopefully you will be participating in Park Run before the end of the year.

  • Thank you and it is sad in a way that those school memories put me off running, although they also make me chuckle sometimes. I do hope that schools now encourage participation rather than shout at you for being slow.

    Cant wait to join a park run

  • You'll be ace. I never ran at school either. Not at all. Thought I never would.

    Tentatively tried C25k at age 46 and discovered not only could I run, aftr following the programme, but actually really enjoyed it, after a lifetime of not doing so.

  • Go on give it a go xx

    Although I've always been active in the gym I could not run to save my life in fact I hated it I'd do all sorts of classes but never the treadmill etc

    I started this jouney 5 weeks ago and it's been amazing to go from 1 minute walk Then 90 secs rest to where I am now x tomorrow I venture out and do 20 mins without stopping

    Give it a go you'll love it

  • It is really great to hear from someone who has come from the same starting block (no pun intended), I to have done every sort of gym class but not the treadmill unless it was a power walk 🚢 although I have always wanted to be a runner so here goes 😊

  • Great news go for it x and keep checking on here for tips etc everybody is really friendly

  • Best of luck - be sure and let us know how you're getting on.

  • Do it! :-) Doesn't matter how far or how fast you go... its the getting out there that counts.. All the best, i'm sure you will enjoy your journey.

  • Thank you

  • Go for it.

    I couldn't run at school either. I once failed to complete a 1500m race.

    Some years later I graduated C25k and have done a couple of 5km parkruns and I'm planning a 10km trail run in December. (My old school friends are a little confused!)

    Good luck and keep in touch to let us know how you get on.

    Good luck with the bike ride too. :-)

  • C25K sounds just perfect for you!

    Most of us started with a strong attachment to the couch but it has changed our lives for the better. You must be pretty fit to tackle the bike ride. I'm sure you'll enjoy it - just take it nice and steady and come back here to share your achievements, seek encouragement or advice when you need it! Go for it!

  • Definitely go for it. C25K is an amazing program that really, really works. It can be life changing, as many here, myself included, are testament to. I started it in April last year, two stone heavier than I am now, and could barely run the first 60 seconds. Fast forward to now, almost 18 months, 1,274 miles and numerous races later, I'm much fitter, healthier and happier and am looking forward to a half marathon on Sunday, and am preparing for my first full marathon, next month. All from not being a runner at all before starting C25K. I've met loads of cool people through running, made some great new friends and I include a few people here in that. Talking of which, this forum is amazing and very supportive; any help and encouragement you need, you will find right here.

    So you see, C25K works a treat but, it comes with a warning too: you may very well find running becomes a passion and before you know it you're addicted and dream about split times and marathon medals.... You'll seriously be amazed at your progress and C25K is structured in such a way that you make safe progress quickly.

    Good luck! And good luck with your bike race too!

  • Thank you for taking the time to respond your story is an inspiration and is really great to hear that not all marathon runners are born running and that some start in the same place as me 😊

  • Go for it !

    The only thing you need is the desire to do it.

    The programme will take care of itself.

    Good luck and please come back and tell us how it's going.

  • I will keep everyone updated as I am sure its going to be quite a journey and I will definitely need the mental support from this group 😊

  • Love the pretend faint! I find if I have a big drink of water just before starting I don't get burnt throat - and its stops me getting a stitch, double whammy! Go for it, you will do brilliant! I could run 24 paces when I started now I chug on happily for half an hour to forty minutes! Xx

  • Thanks for the tip as I hate the throat burning thing o'h the stitch I forgotten about that little blighter!

  • I got a friend to whack me, really hard, on the ankle, rather than have to compete. And now at age 54 and overweight I have one run left to go on C25K.

    Do it. You can and you will probably love the feeling it gives you even if you hate the actual running, and then in the middle there may be some minutes where actually it's ok and even weirdly enjoyable!!!


  • That's hilarious! Can't wait to start now just the bike race to do, but already dreaming of a 5km fun run if you can say 'fun and run ' in the same sentence - ha ha!😁

  • Hiya Chestnut, you came to the right place. With your determination and our encouraging words, nagging, 'kicks up the backside' etc we'll have you graduating in no time.

    This forum is an oasis of positivity in the desert of the internet. You'll get cheering, helpful advice and crazy, inspirational stories here. All I can say is embrace the 'new you' and post here as often as you can. Let us know your progress, and don't be afraid to ask any questions that you want to.

    Good luck!

  • Thank you - so grateful for your words of encouragement - can't wait to get running now 😊

  • I was the same at school, I used to walk cross country when they made me do it, started wagging off as i got a bit older :) but after graduating i have now built up to 5K and have lost 2.5 stone so all is good.

    I love my early morning runs now it helps my mood and every thing through out the day.

    Give it a go and see hopefully you will love it as much as me

  • Glad to hear I am not the only one out there who hated the running aspect of school. The morning runs sound like a great idea ....i love those endorphins which will definitely set me up for the day 😊

  • Hi, Chestnut! Welcome to the fray. You won't regret this - take it from another girl who had never run in her life until she decided to give C25K a whirl in February and now runs three times a week for the pleasure (a word I never thought I would associate with a pair of trainers). Running is good for the boys and good for the soul, and this forum is the absolute must for support, sympathy and a well-aimed kick up the backside when needed. :D Keep us posted!

  • Thank you for the support, I am so pleased to hear from everyone who started off the same as me, it is very motivational and I will definitely keep everyone posted on my progress

  • I've just reread my post - I planned to type "running is good for the body", not "the boys". Although who knows, now I've lost nearly two stone... ;)

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