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they say everyone has a couple of bad runs, well today was my first. i was feeling ill yesterday and literally slept most of the day but i was due my 3rd run today and determined to try and do it.

i stretched like normal, then started my brisk walk warm up but by the time i hit my first jog i felt sick and had a headache, but i tried to walk it off, and just couldnt. i felt like i could bearly stand up let alone finish the podcast, im gonna give myself another days rest tomoz and try again sunday. im also gonna stick to w1 again next week untill im 100% with my performance with it.

i also started to get shin splints as well, which i thought you only get by wearing wrong fittted shoes? i havent had these before whilst running, or with any other exercise- so dont understand why today- any ideas?

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It's difficult enough but if you were so unwell you spent the day in bed, you were mad to even try it. Give yourself a chance.

Also, reconsider only moving forward with the programme once you're 100% happy with it.

There are many who didn't complete every run of Week 1 but continued on to the following Week, if you wait until you're completely satisfied, you'll get nowhere. The whole idea is that every Week should challenge you.

I've been fortunate in relation to actual running injuries so can't help there but I'm sure others will be able to advise.

Fair play to you for starting and the best of luck with it.


Hi there Tyler, pretty gusty to try and do the run feeling so bad, i really don't think i would have bothered.

You really should give your body time to recover before going on, you are either going to work your way through it....or make yourself really ill.

I would go with the former, shin splints as far as i can remember are normally by either overtraining, constant impacts ie running on hard surfaces and or going to hard to soon!

a lot of good people on here know better than myself and i'm sure they will help out.

By your blog you sound as if your shoes are good, i would give myself a couple of days to feel better and then get back to it.

Good Luck


Poor you Tyler. I think you are being a bit hard on yourself. Running when you are ill may be counter productive and it is difficult to enjoy. Hope you are feeling better soon. You sound really gutsy but take care.


Yes, be a bit kinder to yourself! I'm not too sure about shin splints, but generally, to avoid injuries, the advice seems to be to try taking shorter steps and landing as gently as you can on the middle of your foot. Going gently/slowly to start with is likely to get you further faster in the long run.

Hope you're feeling much better soon. A pity the weather looks about to mess us all about!


Hi Tyler, like others have said you might be progressing too quickly. The body takes months to adapt so rest until you feel ok before carrying on. The headache could be stress induced migraine so rest and keep hydrated. Good luck, Ed x


thanks everyone,

i think some times you need to take a step back to see the step forward. and like i said earlier maybe i should just rest til sunday and try again then. thanks for all the advice and support. :)


I agree that you should rest. I really struggled with my runs this week but I wasn't feeling great so have only done 2. As for shin splints I used to get them all the time before I graduated. I have decided mine were due to my calf muscles being so tight. Now I stretch before and after and have bought myself a foam roller. Seems to have helped. Good luck when you get back out there


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