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W1R3 Complete

Well, I'm not going to lie, this week felt like it was never going to end. I don't know if that's because I had the week off from work or if it was down to the running, or a combination of both, but I felt myself both dreading and being excited by the prospect of each run and that combination seemed to make the time really drag.

What about the actual running I hear you ask? (In my head you're asking, a lot of stuff happens in my head...)

Well, I managed them. Not particularly gracefully, and a lot more huffing and puffing than I was expecting, but I got to the end. I also started eating more healthy (I got a healthy eating cook book and everything) and have been trying to maintain that as well. I really do like food too much, only a week in and I'm already struggling!

Oh well - I have a couple of night shifts ahead of me now so I'll be picking up Week 2 on Tuesday. Hoping that will be slightly easier. Probably not.


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Stick with it hedges. You'll look back in a couple of weeks amazed at your achievements.

If you have to repeat, don't worry, do whatever you need to do.

This really is a great programme and, as unbelievable as it seems when you first start, really does work.

Jules x


Well done. Week 1 is so hard, physically and mentally.

Making yourself do something for a long term gain but with short term inconvenience is really difficult. But once the first week is out of the way it gets easier to maintain.

Good luck with week 2


Well done, week one under your belt!

Slow right down if you find yourself huffing and puffing too much, but keep going, you're on the right track :)


Just getting up, going out there, and setting off on Week 1 Run 1 is probably the hardest step of all. Now you're ready for Week 2 if you're not hurting too badly. (I think I might have started with the back pain I used to have even by my first attempt at Week 2; and in that case it would've been wiser to hang around on Week 1, while doing core strength exercises for a while.) If you're OK, you move on, and see if you surprise yourself. I think at some point you'll surprise yourself, and from then on there's a sense in which you could say it's getting easier. (But careful of complacency).

Oh, and well done. You got started, you stuck to it, you've done more than 90% of the world ever does already.


Well done Hedges , that's the first week tucked under your belt .

Let us know how you go on with Week 2.

I love the tags on your post . Ha ha ! :-D xxx


Well done.... It's all progress towards the end... Hang in there :)


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