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Well...Can hardly believe I've stuck out the whole week. I found run 3 a bit harder than 2.. but reason being I went a smidging faster -Gremlin Stan almost fell off my shoulder with shock. He sewed seeds of doubt in my mind and I procrastinated a wee bit and went out quite late..But as this run was for Sat or Sun, I'm pleased to get it over and done with already. Tomorrow I hope to cycle a little and maybe swim again... Might try and hold Stan's head under. I noticed as I was doing last walk home that I had a small pain in both calves which hadn't bothered me during the run so hopefully I walked it off again. We shall see... night all.

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Well done! Swimming is a great idea. Good luck with next week.


Most of us find that our calves are tight after a run. I always do straight leg calf stretches straight after a run and that solves it for me. There are plenty of examples on Google. I found one here:


Good luck with Week 2!

MotherPipGraduate in reply to tortoisegirl

Thanks, yes I do stretch after running and legs fine today :)

Well done. Keep it up and you won't be sorry.

Tell Stan to do 1.

MotherPipGraduate in reply to Charleyfish

He wasn't keen on the swimming, never heard a squeak from him... He's sulking in the shadows now


Well done! Hope those gremlins soon know who's boss! X


Well done for completing week 1. Stan has no idea how much fun you're going to have getting rid of him next week!

MotherPipGraduate in reply to Tailsmo

He's lurking in the shadows waiting for Tuesday and W2R1.


Stan is in the can! Well done you :)

Well done. Calf pain is common & gentle stretching before (make sure you do it after your warm up, stretching cold muscles will cause damage) and after will help. Gremlin Stan is like my Gremlin Steve who is in for a bit of a shock on Tuesday because we are upping the pace a bit - just show him who is the boss :) Keep at it, I've surprised myself by getting to week 3 & you'll soon get there. xx

MotherPipGraduate in reply to Dhiny

Well done for getting to week 3! I'm hoping I can manage week 2...but am prepared to redo it if I struggle. some of the 60 second blocks in week 1 have been ok and some have been quite hard. I'll just take it 1 run at a time

Dhiny in reply to MotherPip

That is the way to go & if you need to repeat a week then so be it. Take it at your own pace, it isn't how fast you do it, it is getting to the finishing line 😊


Excellent news, well done you! I think a swim is a great idea. Enjoy your running and your swimming. 👏🏻👏🏻😀😀🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻

Well done MotherPip....thats week 1 done and dusted and banked in your legs. Agree that gentle streching after your run while you are still warm will help with tight calves. You are doing brilliantly..keep going.😊

You're doing great. Well done completing week 1!


Well done. Stretching out after each run will help keep stiffness at bay. Make it part of your routine.

Don't worry at all about speed at this point. Slow and steady will get you there.


Well done you... slow and steady does it.. and submerge Stan!

MotherPipGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

Stan got a good soaking, went to dry off and then promptly got wet again on the ride home. He's been very quiet today! He's in a bit of a sulk.

OldflossAdministrator in reply to MotherPip

Yep, that will be right... sulking is what they do.. especially when ignored :)


Thanks all, the calves feel fine today. I do stretch out after my runs although didn't after run 1 and had sore thighs until run 2 lol.


Well done! No harm in slowing down if you're finding a run a bit hard - slow is definitely best to complete the runs and avoid injury. I agree with the other posts - stretching is a must in order to keep calf pain away. Keep going, sounds like you're doing great! :)

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