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Hooray,W1completed but as chesty cough is developing, is Week 2 a good idea?

I am quite surprised that Run 2 and 3 went well, time flew. I was worried I wouldn't, complete it as I was really aching on Sunday ..psychological? Mondays run went fine. Taught one lesson however, and nearly lost my voice. Swam on Tuesday. Bit wheezy Tuesday eve but ok on getting up this did run 3. Have developed a cough during the day. Really not sure if I should run on will be W2R1.. A colleague has advised no running if I am coughing up stuff ( sorry for yucky image). Any advice out there?

Had small annoying issues with iPod holder not taking the headphones then finding all the runs were reversed, almost ended up starting week 9!

Am getting to grips with pacing on the treadmill and swopping between 5.7 and 7.5. Took a picture of my finished distance etc. a friend mentioned that you get feedback on the distance she talking about this ap, there are loads on the Webb? Does any one have a good system/ap for recording?

I run before work as it gets it done, I don't think of it again until I am sitting on the sofa, however, I do need to get up earlier than when I swim...or sort the iPod holder out the evening before!

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I seem to remember reading something on here somewhere about it being ok to run if unwell with head cold, but not such a good idea if chesty - something along the lines of above the neck ok, below the neck not ok. Someone else probably knows more.

Lungs are pretty important for running though! Take care. (Not sure what you're teaching, but I lost my voice when I carried on teaching - so as not to let colleagues down for an inspection - fool! - instead of going off sick, and ended up totally losing my voice for several weeks - several weeks off work. I was seriously wondering whether I'd ever get my voice back at one point, which was pretty scary. So be careful!)


I decided not to swim this morning, just did a weights session with a brisk warm up walk and felt reasonably o.k. However, the cough has developed during the day so I am not doing Bokwa tonight and I won't run tomorrow - I'll see how I am over the weekend and decide on Sundays Clog and weather I up to a Monday run...might repeat the week. I have a funeral to attend on Weds 3 hours drive from home so it will involve and over night I am not sure I can go, too many older relatives who are 'at risk' and don't want my lurgi!

It may surprise you to learn that I teach P.E (its a tough one to confess !) I am 50 and obviously active. I chipped my ankle a few years ago an put on weight, on top of an excess and have struggled ever since to lose it. I try to practice what I preach but actually the last thing I want to do when I get home is something sporty. My school has a gym but i don't particularly want to use it with pupils and parents...maybe when I feel fitter I will. So I started swimming last year, in the mornings and really enjoyed it but havn't seen any impact on my weight. The holidays are always a complete slow down for me, and i always put lost eight back on. I am very aware of being a 'role model' to my pupils so keep on trying, I have been really pleased to discover Bokwa, which they love too!

I am careful with my voice having lost it in previous years but never for long..(ooh that Ofsted word,...we went into 'special measures' last Feb, having being forced through Academy status the previous year and the threat of redundancey, job changes its been a difficult year).

However, I am a glass half full person, we have a good department and I am sure things will get better.

I am about to organise a running club at school using the C25k ap. Locally we help organise a 2k, 5k and 10k run for our community and we need to encourage more pupils to participate...bring on the technology, one run at school and two home might just work.

God I have written loads, these posts are meant to be short! Thanks for your support!


That was a really interesting post - I like reading long ones! I have never heard of Bokwa and had to google it: "Bokwa® participants draw letters and numbers with their feet while performing an energizing and addictive cardio workout routine. Moving together to today’s most popular music, participants off all ages draw the Bokwa® L, 3, J, K and dozens of other steps."

Sounds good - I've tried various classes, but being somewhat uncoordinated I tend to struggle - I think I might be able to do that though. I haven't heard of any round here yet, but will look out for them.

I was PE coordinator (at a primary school) for a while - which amused me no end, as I am so extraordinarily unsporty (couldn't get into the longjump pit, or over the lowest bar of high jump, always put in the 'nobbulty' race because my running was so bad etc etc). Funnily enough, I really loved being PE coordinator - I felt I could do something to make sport inclusive so that everyone could find something they really enjoyed. And I learnt how to throw a cricket ball - and how to swim crawl (though I still haven't actually tried to see whether I can do it yet!) Good luck with your running club. I hope you manage to encourage some slow ones to join in too!


I have the Bokwa bug! (Hopefully not literally!)...Our Sports Centre held a training course and I was offered a free place...I hadn't heard of it, googled it and thought, 'OMG that's energetic, am I fit enough to do it let alone lead it?!'. I found a class locally and went along 5 times and got hooked! Went to the training an 8 am 6pm event 80% active and I survived. Knowing the basics was a real bonus, some of the course members hadn't seen it before, 2 didn't pass the assessment, so I was really chuffed to succeed. I am continuing with the class (my instructor Katie is nuts, helpful and supportive), Its become a really good 'wet weather lots of children to accommodate' type activity (think I might be using it in if the forcast is true and the fields are snow bound!). The year 10 and 11 pupils love it. I coordinate all the extra curricular activity and have just planned it into this term, and a Staff session too!

Katie also asked me to cover one of her classes which I was able to do..soon different from teaching kids, particularly secondary age range...all had the right kit, all had water, all were polite and said thank you, nobody arsed around when my back was turned!!

I think it's much easier than aerobics. It's capital letters written with your feet on the flood. The level of impact can be really light or very high depending on the individual...all ages catered for. As an instructor I don't have to worry about choreographing, I just think, 'we' ll do an L now a B etc. From an education point of view I aim to get them leading eventually. You should be able to find an instructor near you from the Webb site: Where in the world are you? I am in Suffolk.

So Health wise I am still croaking and coughing and throats bit sore, hope its not a head cold next. My body feels ok but my chest is tight.

I am pleased you enjoyed coordinating the PE, it should be inclusive, there is opportunity for kids to get involved in a really diverse range of activities. Part of my role involves working with our Discovery club, specifically for those who are reluctant to join other clubs or the shy, odd bodd type pupil, it's a great success

I hope you enjoyed your own P.E experience despite finding it difficult, If your doing c25k then you have determination. I am hoping that having the club will attract the reluctant runner, the aim is to get them to enjoy running and to make progress...and possibly raise some money towards chickens..but that's another conversation!


Ooo - chickens! Your really are a crazy person, frosty! Good luck to you. It's the holidays that are the tough bit with creatures and schools.

Can't say I did enjoy PE much at school - though I did have one PE teacher who I remember as being really kind to me, I think she could see I didn't enjoy it much. Mostly though it just made me feel there was something wrong with me - not terribly positive! Still, it probably made me a better teacher, from understanding what failure feels like. Motivating children who struggle is what makes the job worthwhile for me.

You sound as though you enjoy your job despite the trials and tribulations (I've been in a school in the step above special measures, and that was quite tough enough, thank you).


Feeling a bit better tonight but could be because I have taken stuff to help! Slept really badly on Friday and have a crick in my neck which has spread to my shoulder and upper arm...ibuprofin is doing the job and taken the pain away..still coughing and now tomorrow I think....a week of snow coming up...chance of a snow day...lovely!

Have a good week greenlegs.

PS gave myself some TLC and bought 2 tops and running legs from sweatshop sale!


I actually don't want snow days - how weird is that! This term is so short I need every day with them I can get!

Mind you, I will make the most of any snow days that turn up! Not my fault if I can't be in school.

Hope you'll be able to enjoy your new purchases soon!


Hi frosty, i agree with green, be very careful. As for apps, i use the mapmyrun app on my phone. It records route, time, pace and calories. Then if you want you can upload them to the website. Its very good and very reliable. Good luck with the running, Ed x


Cheers Ed, I will look into it , the mapmyrun...not the yukky stuff!!


I think a cold is grand, I've yet to have one but doubt it would prevent me running but as Greeny says, a chest cold/cough is a different matter. Don't write off Friday as you still have a day to recover, keep a watching brief.


Thank you, I feel nurtured!x


If you have any chest trouble, don't run or do anything physically exerting. If the chesty thing gets worse, get some antibiotics. I am normally anti-antibiotics (lol), but having gone 5 weeks with this thing and no running, because I kept thinking 'aw, it;ll get better', I would advise anyone to seek medication after 1 week's chest coughing-up-ness!


Thanks Viv, I will keep a close eye, with the nature of my job avoiding exertion can be difficult....taking bokwa classes for example...however, I am a good organiser of activity and am well able to keeping pupils active if not myself directly. I am quiet prepared to do Week 1 again if necessary just annoyed at having actually enjoyed it to not be able to continue grrr! I will see the doc if it continues to develop.


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