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Need convincing that an upcoming race is a good/bad idea

Wise C25k folks, I need your sagely advice.

I was doing well increasing my distances towards a HM, but pulled back about a month ago once I hit 13k because my joints were starting to get achy. I decided to hold out in the 10k neighborhood for awhile and get used to that distance before creeping up again.

A colleague wants us to sign up as 8 mile 'bunners' on June 13th. This is an 8 mile run through a lovely farming district south of town. It involves running the 8 miles, with two pit-stops along the way for mandatory cinnamon bun consumption. This sounds like the best idea ever (the other options are a HM distance and an 8 mile run, I'm surprised anyone picks those options when the bun-run is a choice), but better if I had been running that distance regularly.

Do you think I'd be okay to put in the 13 k for the race even though I haven't done that distance since mid-April? I use the word race loosely. I'm okay run-walking this. I also figure after the second bun it might be more walking than running ;) If you folks think this is a good idea, should I try for a 11-12 k or so this weekend and then shorter runs next weekend?

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That definitely sounds like one to go for! 😊what a great idea for a race. I would say 100% go for it, mid april isn't that long ago snd you can run/ walkas you say.... i have a 10k on 14th june and not done one for a few weeks , but regularly do 7/8k, which is not far off ! Might be good to do a 11/12k over the weekend just to prove to yourself maybe? I put down to do strava 10k challenge by end of may so ibetter get a move on! Good luck and take photos! 😊


Yes, definitely. Although I would skip the buns tbh. I think if I had to eat cinnamon buns while racing I would struggle to keep them down, and would probably get a stitch. all that stodge in running tum sounds a very bad idea.

I also say have another go at getting back to your HM. Achey joints while increasing mileage are part of the territory. Usually points to needing to do more strengthening exercises. Shouldn't put you off though.

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I think even I would enter a race if it involved cinnamon buns.


Thanks Rig - I'm expecting to slow right down after the bun consumption. And I should do strength exercises. I've been trying to get better at stretching but have neglected building strength.


Complete no-brainer! Buns it is.


Another thumbs up for the buns, although agree that you might want to slow your pace during digestion! I would definitely be cautious about aching joints and advocate listening to your body on that one. Bit confused when you say you'd put in 13k - is that along with eating buns, while everyone else is running 8k? Or is that instead of the HM you mentioned at the beginning?


Ah, my previous best is 13k. Which also happens to be the distance of this event plus bun stops


Ah got it, was confusing miles and kms. I hope the aches etc ease up as it sounds like a fun race :)


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