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Finally at Week 3 !

Well, it's been an eventful few weeks... Flu, which left me with a nasty cough, traipsing up and down the country with work and family visits. I have to admit I've done Week 2 at least 3 times as I haven't been able to commit to 3x per week but I still managed my goal to do an outdoor run on Christmas Day morning. Admittedly it was only 3.3k in total, I had a throbbing head and dropped and smashed the back of my iPhone to boot :( BUT I got out there and did it !! I am one of the mad Xmas joggers :D

I fitted another run in on Sunday and then today I have completed W3R1 and I really enjoyed it. 3 minute stints don't feel too bad at all and I have definitely now found a pace where I am comfortably tired but not exhausted and my breathing is controlled. I guess this is the stamina building up. I am so impressed with this plan and so happy that it builds confidence as well as fitness. Am one very happy, positive girl at the moment :)

Hope everyone has had a good start to 2013 x

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What a pity about your iPhone! But it sounds as though you're not going to let that spoil your satisfaction, so well done Alliecat! I'm on W3R3 tomorrow - it's good when those 3 minute runs seem manageable isn't it! Roll on 5 on Saturday/Sunday for me...

(Deleted and rewritten as I'd got my days mixed up!)


Thanks Greenlegs.

No, I was so pleased I'd braved the public on Xmas Day and had done my run, the phone didn't really matter, although I will put a running jacket with zipped pocket on my to Buy list !

Good luck with your run tomorrow and let me know how W4R1 goes. 5/3 5/3 sounds hard going but as with every other week on this plan, it will be do-able :)



hi Allie, such a shame about your phone. I got myself a running jacket with zip up pockets from Decathalon. It's a man's jacket but only cost £13 and looks ok on. Comes in a few colours. I did buy it a couple of months ago but they may still have them. Will keep phones etc safe!

Well done for getting out on Christmas day though!



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