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Been there, done that , what next?

I completed the last of the week 9 runs today. For some reason it was hard going unlike the previous 2 runs whch weren't too bad. I am now wondering what the next step is because I haven't got instructions to follow. I guess the target has to be to complete 5K in 30 minutes. I'm quite a bit short of that at the moment so I'm still wary of entering the park run just yet. Does anyone make the 5K in 9 weeks?

There were no great feelings of elation when I completed the last run, but I think I might crack open a bottle of fizz anyway whilst I contemplate my next move.

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Hi wide, i think i would concentrate on getting the 5k run in 30 mins. I am only on W5 so i am not speaking from experience however, Ed.


Congratulations and enjoy the fizz! Can't help much with what next though, as I'm only at the start of week 3, but from what I've read, most advice seems to be to focus on stamina rather than pace, with gradually extending how long you run for having the side-effect of gradually getting faster at it.

I noticed this morning that I can now do short bursts at what feeling like actual running, which I certainly couldn't do three weeks ago, even though I haven't been particularly aiming to go faster.

I'll be very interested to see how you get on though, as I'd like to do parkruns next year, but know I'm nowhere near fast enough for my local one yet (well, I know I could enter, but I don't fancy there being a huge gap between second to last and me).


Well done for getting to the end of the programme. When I finish I am going to try the speed and stamina podcasts.


CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATE! Make sure to contact JR21 for your Graduate badge! :-) Several graduates are not at the 30 minute/5K mark at graduation. Some go on to do Stepping Stones/Stamina and Speed Podcast, Others do the C25K program over but jog/run in the walking sections and run faster in the run sections. All of these are good if you feel you need the structure. We graduated and that same week ran an organized 5K, I was not at a 30 minute 5K but ran it anyways. I learned I could finish a 5K and I also learned I could go from 30 mnutes continuous running to 43 minutes! It really helped boost me to KNOW I could run a full 5K, slow, but I could do it! The main thing is to stay with it after graduation. Set long term/short term goals etc. whatever works for you to keep the motivation flowing. Gayle


Congratulations, wideawake!!! I think that the bottle of Fizz is the perfect next step, quickly followed by requesting that coveted "Graduate" badge!! :-)

I think that the good share of folks following this program fall short of 5K in 30 minutes at graduation. I have to echo Gayle's thoughts. Run the parkrun!! There is no requirement to complete it in 30 minutes!! Go for it!!! Go run 5K!!!! You can do it!!! Take a nice pace and just keep running!! I know that finishing my first full 5K distance was important to me no matter how long it took. It is a different milestone.

Congratulations again!! You have a remarkable journey under your belt!! Enjoy your success!!

Keep Running!! :-)



Congratulations! Maybe have a go at increasing your distance or time, perhaps do B210K. Don't worry about speed!


Congratulations !! I did it on Christmas eve , it feels SO good doesn't it ?? I have downloaded the Stamina Speed podcast , but ...........haven't got out of the door yet........ I will be off out of the door tomorrow morning though:-) good luck with whatever you do next X


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