What distance could you cover by the end of week 9?

Hello! I'm new to this community, pleased to meet you all!

I've just completed week 8 run 1, and am thinking of trying a 5K Park Run the Saturday after next (my birthday!), when I'll be 2 runs into week 9. As I'm only covering about 4K at the moment, I'd appreciate your experiences on progress over these last two weeks...is 5K achievable or not?


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  • Yes 5k is achievable but it might take longer than 30 minutes but I don't suppose you'll mind that. You will be helped round by your fellow runners who will encourage you and there will be folks cheering and clapping you round. Also it's new to you so it will keep you focussed and I bet the time will fly by and before you know it you will be over the line

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes

  • I agree with misswobble, yes, 5k is definitely achievable but you may have to take things a bit easier, watch out you don't set off too quickly, its easy to get carried away at the start. But, parkruns are fab! I love mine, some people go off quick, some walk part of the way, it really is there for everyone. Enjoy it! x :-)

  • You should be able to do it. With Parkrun it doesn't matter if you stop and walk if necessary and the time you do is only there for you to improve on in future. You can't lose ! Go for it...!

  • Thanks all. No, I'm not looking for a record time, just to know that it is not unachievable (would be awful to have got this far and then get demoralised because I'd set too high a target!).

    All being well I'll give it a go, as a birthday present to myself!

    I'll let you know how I get on...

  • It is doable. I set myself the target of running 5k in 30 minutes when I was working my way through c25k. I actually just missed out on my target, running 5k in 34 min 37 sec. I must admit I was slightly disappointed not to complete it within the 30 minutes but that's just me ;) Good luck and I'm sure your park run will be amazing :)

  • Hi SB... the goal of C25K is to run 30 minutes in 9 weeks. Some of us have to take longer than 9 weeks because we're waiting for our strength or stamina to build up. But the objective is to run for 30 minutes. Some C25K graduates will have run 5km in those 30 minutes, and some will not run 5km... but all have graduated for running 30 minutes and deserve our cheers.

    I ran my W9r3 'Graduation' run at Newbury ParkRun - a measured 5km course - in 29:43 and so 5km is possible in 30 minutes. Your 28 minute W8 runs currently achieve 4km, which is giving you a pace of 7 minutes per km. You'll run W9 a little faster I'm sure, but 30minutes/5km is a pace of 6 minutes per km and that will feel quite fast if you're running 7minutes at the moment.

    Another consideration is that you'll not settle into your normal rhythm at ParkRun because of all the runners around you... it is not great for a Personal Best the first time you try it.

    ALL THAT SAID... you _MUST_ run ParkRun next weekend on your birthday. It'll be a real achievement. I'd recommend forgetting about the 5km/30minutes and just run 5km, however long it takes you - about 33.5 minutes I reckon. The atmosphere and encouragement from the other runners will help you along in that additional 3.5 minutes.

    Happy Running and (prematurely) Happy Birthday.

  • 5K but it took me 36 minutes but I also managed 20 miles in 30 minutes on the bus ;) Don't worry about distance it and time can be worked on once you can run non stop for 30 minutes. Good luck and enjoy :)

  • Well Oldgirl, I did 1km in 17 seconds, admittedly my garmin was riding in the boot of a car at the time without me attached :-) could not understand why the battery was flat when I was due to go out on a run that same evening. Only found out what happened when was next plugged in to my PC.

  • Hahaha I wonder how many of us have managed to switch on a tracker and done the same as us, I'll bet there's dozens out there :)

  • Lol, oldgirl, 20 miles in 30 minutes......on a bus :)

  • I'm currently doing just under 5k but that's with my walking sections included. I just graduated this week and I'm doing a 5k fun run this weekend. I'll be happy to do it in 40 minutes - I think that's a reasonable goal given I've not actually run for 5km yet! Good luck with your park run - take it steady and you'll be fine!

  • I managed 5k..... But not in 30 minutes! I was determined to get to 5k at the end of the programme, so W9R3 for me was big effort that lasted nearer 37 minutes in the end.

    A great feeling afterwards though!

  • Thanks everyone for your helpful replies and encouragement.

    I should have made it clear - I was querying whether 5K was possible at all at this stage, not whether I could achieve 5K within 30 mins, which I appreciate is a way off!

    Anyway, I've registered for my Park Run, so will see how I get on...

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