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Couch to 5K
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I got There! Now what

Well I did the lot. Completed the whole 9 yards. No I meant 9 weeks. I really can't recommend this couch to 5k highly enough. I did it via bbc get inspired website and had Sarah milligan as My coach. I'm a 62 year old, who never ever run before and I am so chuffed I did it. Didn't lose any weight, and didn't really intend to, but I feel so much fitter and have way more energy. But my question is what do I do next. I know there's stepping stones but it's on iTunes with that Laura women, but I've listend to it and the beat thing is annoying. I still havent run 5k and I am fine with that so need help with finding something to keep me motitrated but nothinges too pushing. Any suggestions would be gratefully relieved.

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Congratulations Collywobbles53 ! I should finish tonight and join you ! Not sure what I'm doing next - I just know I will really miss Laura and the podcasts so think I might just consolidate the thirty mins runs a bit trying to add on a couple of minutes a week till I reach the magic 5k. I could rewind the podcasts a couple of mins so I run longer. I also want to try running without music and without the headphones - which can be annoying so I can enjoy the sounds of the country around me. Best of luck for your onward journey and look forward to seeing the graduate badge beside our names!


I believe that you should keep on doing 30 minutes three times per week for about a month or so and then come back here and ask your question again. Try to find some scenic runs - or go up and down streets that you haven't run in before. You could maybe try to up your pace just a little bit for part of these runs - incorporate a bit of fartlek into each run - pick some thing up ahead and run just that little bit faster to it and then slow down to a jog/walk again. Just do as much as you think you can without overdoing it - but basically keep on with the 3 days per week for a while. Now comes the hard part - of not "falling off the wagon" - only you can keep yourself up there ! :)


Congratulations Collywobbles53. Great feeling, isn't it. Can't give you any advice - I'm quite a new graduate and still working that one out myself! For the time being it's going to be, my pre-loved Garmin forerunner 15 to time/track my run and my I-pod for music (or sometimes no music).


Congratulations - this is such a great programme isn't it!

I suggest some consolidation first so that you gradually increase your distance in the 30 minutes - or you can gradually extend your time to reach 5k.

As far as motivation is concerned that is sort of down to you. Make your own playlist of favourite songs, try Parkrun, try new routes and trails., try run/walk.

You have to mix it up a bit to find what you enjoy so that you want to keep at it.


Congratulations!,, I think that's the hardest part, the "what now" bit. I'm just going to keep doing 30 minutes 3 times a week for now and see how I get on. I found week 9 pretty hard so I need to get really comfy with it. Someone suggested re doing the whole programme but just trying to go faster in the running bits. I might try that as of one of the runs each week so I still have my Laura ;)


Well done and you give me hope that I will make it too. I am 57 and never run before either. I also tried Laura but didn't like the music so went back the ever faithful Sarah Millican. I cannot ever see me running the while 5k this side of Xmas but my goal is to do the park run so why not make that your goal too. You could run as much as you can and walk the rest but it will encourage you to keep going and a good social event as well my son says. Well done again.


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