Back on the (running) wagon

I was just saying to Mitts the other day, how lucky some of us are to live between more cultures. Well, in Italy Christmas celebrations begin on December 8th, followed by the 13th (St. Lucy) and then a midnight feast on the 24th followed in my house by UK full Victorian Christmas fare on the 25th. But it don't stop here folks! Here in Italy it is non-stop culinary over-indulgence until January 6th when the Befana -- a witch who brings good kids sweets and chocolate and even more toys -- arrives. And if you're bad you get lumps of black (delicious) coal-like sugary substance that will cost your parents an arm and a leg in orthodontics ;-)

So after doing my back in on Christmas Day (see earlier posts) and over-indulging in just about anything edible and, of course, drinkable, today I went out running. And gosh, was I slow. Garmin couldn't locate anything for the first 10 minutes, but when it did, I got the all time gold medal for the slowest 30 minute jog in the universe! Too much food has slowed me down big time!

So, despite having to carry on till January 6th with more than just a plate of pasta, but 3 or even 4 course meals that go on for ages, (I could say no, but that'd be party pooperish!) I do most solemnly swear to get back on the wagon and run on alternate days.


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  • Sounds great Delia and very over indulgent indeed but hey it's only once a year thank goodness!!

    A slow 30 mins is better than no 30 mins so you can still feel chuffed for getting out there. I think lots of us here will be taking an oath to get back into a routine....and soon!!

    Have fun and enjoy the festivities!

    Sue xoxo

  • Sorry, forgot to say that I'm glad to hear your back is better now too! Sx

  • Back is fine now thanks but I'm a bit dopey from the medications!

  • I want to live in Italy, Ed x

  • Yeah, the dolce vita is great, but it does have its downsides ....

  • I have heard that everyone is into everyone else's business in Italy. I do not know how true that is though. Ed x

  • I finished the Christmas sherry yesterday... :-(

    Good to hear you're back out there, Delia, hope I'll be 'joining' you soon. My Garmin was on strike today too, kept wanting me to do intervals. I just went walking and did 3.5K according to in 40 minutes tho' in my defense I did have both the dog and one son slowing me down.

    Here's to running in 2013!

  • I've still got half a bottle of port left (from daughter number 1 in Erasmus in Portugal :-P ) and lots of bubbly for tomorrow. But as Bridget Jones says, you can't really do anything healthy till January 2nd can you?

  • Daughter #1? Lol.

  • You'll soon be back on track Delia, the main thing is you got out there and ran !

  • Thing is, we need to define the term "run" ;-)

  • It's flexible ! ;-)

  • Really any sort of brisk forward motion is fine. Its very easy to sit on the sofa and do nothing, Reasons are plentiful when you think about it, its cold/ wet/ looks like rain/ windy, etc etc. Ed x

  • Good for you I was running with the chistmas turkey attached to me on Boxing Day which was so slow. Lets see what new years eve brings in terms of a run.

  • you're back out there Delia- at last!

    what have you told us in the past-a slow run is better than no run at all ;-).

    wise words from Bridget- I'm going to adopt them! all these festivities you've got to go endure sure make this time of the year a real problem, but we'll soon be back on track with no excuses!

    glad your back is better.

    enjoy the new years celebrations (and the chocs :-)


  • am in the middle of cleaning and cooking every type of fish speciality possible -- shrimps, prawns, calamari -- you name it -- Italian NYeve nosh up. But promise to run tomorrow! Happy New Year Ali xox

  • Fish? eewww!

  • You ain't lived until you've tried fried squid !

  • I will leave you to enjoy squid Delia x

  • How are your squiddy bits Delia? Delicious i hope, Ed x

  • is it me or are we all having problems posting?

  • I am cleaning so not posting

  • You'll get back up to speed again, I'm sure! Enjoy the festivities (they sound wonderful!) and re-start when they're all over, with a clear conscience and a happy heart.

    I'm glad your back is better - all the best for 2013


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