Time to get back on the wagon!

Hello fellow c25k'ers! I'm still here and have been reading posts when I can, only life got in the way of my running and so I've been very naughty and not run much (1 x 2.5k run in a month!) Many of you will know I got married at Christmas, so I'd not run much in the 2 months leading up to it, well this continued into January after illness and slight injury, then came the honeymoon, 4 weeks in New Zealand (amazing time, so much to do and too hot for running ;) lazy couch me set in!) today is my last full day here, I fly back tomorrow evening their time arriving back in the Uk Saturday lunch time. So I'm pledging on here, come Monday regardless of jet lag after work I'm going back to w5r1 and building from there to reach 5.7 miles in time for the 9th June (it's Blaydon race time for the Geordies :D ) I'm determined to beat last years time........wish me luck!

Happy running folks!


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27 Replies

  • Congratulations on your marriage and your honeymoon destination sounds wonderful.

    So welcome back - good idea to start back at W5. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised how much your body remembers about running. Looking forward to following your progress, and yes a very good idea to post your intent to run on Monday on here. You know you'll have us to answer to if you miss it!

    (My experience in returning to the UK from that part of the world was one of "jet lag? Nope, not this time." I think I got home at about 7pm so just went to bed pretty much straight away and everything was surprisingly normal the next day).

  • Lucky you! on the way out We arrived 2pm, managed to stay awake until 8pm which I thought was pretty good going but I felt spacey for about a week :( same happened 3 years ago when we came. Thanks for the congratulations :) I think week 5 should be a good starting point, I don't want to overload my muscles :D (there may be some extra chub to get round and off too ;) )

  • Oh the way out was TERRIBLE. We arrived at about 7am and were forced to stay awake by our hosts. Took a good few days to feel at all human. Coming back was a completely different story - hope it's the same for you.

  • Congrats. Beware of jet lag! Take it easy - gentle jog around park may be best place to start

  • Yeah, jet lag sucks, made me feel spacey for a week on the way out here so I don't expect it to be any easier on the way back! I will definitely be going slow to start with! heaven help my work colleagues next week ;)

  • Yay - see you at the start line! :-)

  • Deffo! I really look forward to seeing you at local races :)

  • Love your new short hair btw - you will be streamline for running now. :-)

  • Just some honeymoon lbs to come off and I'll be beating PB's again in no time, back on the healthy eating couch when I get back :D

  • Congratulations and good luck :)

  • Thank you!

  • That's it! You have to do it now! No going back! Congratulations on your wedding and such a lovely long honeymoon too. Back to reality and you will love it. Take it easy with no expectations (yet!) Just enjoy our lovely spring climate and perfect for starting afresh. Good luck :)

  • Yup, no going back which is why I posted it, this butt needs to get back off the couch for sure! Hopefully I won't find it too cold given it's been about a 20 degree difference between here and the UK whilst we've been away :D

  • Welcome back lovefood. Many congrats on the marriage and good luck with the running thing!

  • Thanks :) I'm kinda looking forward to running properly again but I'm not looking forward to re-learning!

  • I think your body will remember pretty quickly.

  • I will be following you home to the UK in two weeks and my dilemma is whether I will have the motivation to keep running in the cold English spring! But then I didn't have a honeymoon to distract me from running in the sun over here ;-) Good luck.Let us know how it goes.

  • Will do :) I made a promise and now I need to keep it! Enjoy ironman tomorrow, fingers crossed for a top 5 finish for your son. I brought jumpers over here and used them twice on cool mornings, other than that they've not been touched, the UK may be a shock to the system for us both ;)

  • Thanks KK, don't worry, first week will purely be getting my ass back out there, times will come later, Jetlag sucks doesn't it! :)

  • Welcome back Lovefood. Good to hear from you again. No wonder the running slipped a bit with all that going on! Very best of luck for your run on Monday, you'll be back up to speed in no time :)

  • Thanks AM! :)

  • Congratulations! Your honeymoon sounds an like an amazing adventure.

    some things i have learnt about flying - eat very well before a flight and drink lots of water.

    Good luck and with week 5, i am sure your body will adjust back quickly to running.

  • Food always leaves a lot to be desired on flights doesn't it! Will remember to drink plenty, we have low dose aspirin and flight socks too (although I always end up with slightly swollen ankles :( ) I'm hoping the adjusting back will be easier than first time round :D

  • Aw, Many Congratulations on your wedding LF and Mr LF , of course :-)

    Temperatures are going to rise at the weekend allegedly , so hopefully it wont be too much of a shock coming back :-)

    Hope you have had a brilliant time

    See you here on Monday ! :-) xxx

  • See you Monday Poppy! Will remember to post a run report :)

  • Welcome back :-)

    And congratulations :-) :-)

    I'm sure it will come back easily.. will be like you've never been away.. like riding a bike..you'll be just ffine - nearly spring - a great time for running here :-) xx

  • Thanks pinkangel :) itching to get back just thinking about it!

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