Couch to 5K

Back on the wagon!

So I completed couch to 5k a couple of years ago, I loved it, and it helped me to lose weight and tone up. Then life happened, obvs, and I have gained back some weight and definitely lost some tone!!

I recently got made redundant, and I now have FOUR MONTHS off of work. With FULL PAY. So, I joined a local gym and made a decision to use this time wisely and get my body to a better place.

I did my first run yesterday W1R1, and did a work out after (designed by my gym instructor when I joined) and it was really great!

I forgot how good running could be for me mentally, and I still went even though I was really tired and it perked me right up :)

It was also a lot of fun 'playing on the machines' as I call it in my head, when in reality I was just working out. A little bit of an ache today, but nothing painful.

Is anyone else getting back on the wagon? Is it harder 2nd time round or easier?

Does anyone else have experience of combining couch to 5k with other exercise regimes, because I am thinking of also taking up yoga (never seen a miserable person who does yoga)?

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Well done for getting back in the race! Such a positive thing to do and focus on during your redundancy period, that's great. I think yoga would be a great combination with the running, as it's calmer and less intense on your frame and mind in the 'rest' days, but also strengthens your core which is essential for running. I do a mix of things on non-run days, some pilates, some walking, some 'mini-circuits' with weights and lunges or squats, some tummy toners, etc. The odd stint on an exercise bike. I think it all helps with all-round fitness which then feeds back into the running. Definitely try to give your legs a bit of a break on the non-run days, so nothing too intense otherwise you get too tired for the runs. Squats and lunges I have found are good for strengthening to avoid running injuries. Pilates/yoga also good for stretching your body out more on non-run days which helps with running aches and pains too. Good luck with it all!

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I do yoga too and my lovely yoga teacher has really been able to help a lot with running related niggles.

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Fab stuff Bridger ! Good to hear youre getting stuck in :-) I have got a book at home called " Yoga for Runners " I am going to have a go at it , looks very good .

Keep going , youre doing great ! :-) xxx

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Thanks everyone! So excited for my first yoga class now :)



This is my third time on the programme. First time I got ill but had been enjoying 30 min runs for a few weeks, and the second time I had not long finished the programme when I got bitten by a farm dog and got so freaked by dogs that I stopped doing anything that involved seeing a dog.

I am finding it easier this time round but then have only done week 1: week 2 May well be different.

Good luck and enjoy your time off work on full pay.


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