If you're running on Christmas morning, where are you running?

As so many of us are planning to run at Christmas I thought it would be fun to know roughly where we all are. No precise map readings of course - we don't want to make the headlines over Christmas! I'll be up and running down by the Seine in a Parisian suburb. Hopefully that'll mean that the roads are nice and empty.


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43 Replies

  • Can't match Paris for glamour although in a certain light Stranraer was once mentioned in the same breath as the Bahamas! Must be the palm trees or the hurricane weather! Seriously though, hubby and I will be out for a gentle pre-present run along the shores of Loch Ryan with just herons, gulls and the odd seal for company. Not too bad? :)

  • That sounds just lovely :-)

  • I just googled Loch Ryan - you lucky devil!! I'll trade places if you like? Paris is lovely but what I'd give for a view with water and hills.

  • Thanks Deryn and Nevertoolate! It is strangely beautiful in certain lights and today is a still day with various shades of grey, turquoise, blues and more in between. We're lucky enough to have a view up the loch and so at this moment I'm sitting at the kitchen table appreciating life! Very lucky, I know! Best wishes. :)

  • You conjure it up magnificently oona. I'm sitting at my window with a view over the rooftops, across the Bois de Boulogne and the Eiffel Tower in the distance. As dusk comes on it seems to grow in beauty, and then on the hour it starts to sparkle like a giant Christmas tree. I never tire of it!

  • Sounds spectacular! Enjoy your Christmas in Paris (sounds like it should be the title of a rom com!) :)

  • We have hills in Old Coulsdon and plenty of water, most of it falling from the sky, the rest lying in wait in large puddles on pavements and boggy stretches of footpath!

    I'll swap with either of you!

  • The pictures of Old Coulsdon on the Net look pretty "quaint" and only "14.4 miles south of Charing Cross"! I so miss my dear old London. There are hills?

  • There are hills, yes, lined with houses, with paths in front to run on, not picturesque mountain type hills though.

  • As I have said many a time, don't knock SE London! Old Coulsdon rocks! Spent my first 18 years in the area ! xox

  • I'm up in the north of Scotland, fortunately the forecast doesn't look too bad and will be pounding the streets of our wee town. It'll be nice to escape for 1/2 hours peace, even better if I miss the visit from the in-laws and I'll try not to feel too smug when I get back :)

  • I'll be doing some streets too, pounding down towards the river. They should be pretty deserted for us. Have fun!

  • Well depending on the weather forecast for the morning my plan was either to drive to the Beacons by dawn and walk up Penyfan and back OR (if weather too bad for mountain walking) do the Christmas parkrun in lovely Bute Park Cardiff . But right now, with a chest infection and high temp and just started antibiotics so will be happy if I am well enough to get out and walk the dog!

  • So sorry you're poorly. Hopefully the rest and antibiotics will kick in and you can get out. I googled Penyfan too - what tremendous scenery. It looks like glaciated valleys - if my O level Geography nose tells me right! Take a few deep breaths of unpolluted mountain air for me please!

  • Get well soon, Deryn! A gentle stroll with the dog sounds lovely! :)

  • Penyfan!?!?! Are you training for the SAS?

  • Ha ha! No!! Usually see Army people training up there of course. Last time I was up there (doing the very well trodden 4.5 mile "Storey Arms" loop I have walked a few times) one of these blokes (who was doing 40 miles that day, carrying a huge heavy backpack too) stopped to have a chat with me about Boy, my bedlington terrier, for a few mins, and then sprinted up the slope to catch up with his mates! That's fit!

  • I won't be running on Christmas day, I have a 4 year old who will no doubt be up at an unsociable hour to see if Father Christmas has been ;) Hope you all have a great run and a lovely Christmas :)

  • Thanks and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas with your family too!

  • I'll be plodding round the streets of Old Coulsdon, or I may pop up to the aerodrome on and repeat my graduation run. Depends what I feel like really, no plans (apart from escape early before the rest of them are around).

  • We will be staying in a hotel in Exeter for Christmas. If the weather is decent I'd like to have a run along the riverside but if its too bad there's a gym in the hotel. Hoping to burn off sme calories before the inevitable overindulging!

  • I bet you have the gym to yourself! Have a great break and a Merry Christmas.

  • Along a coastal path in Kent

  • Ooh, how marvelous! So many people with so many different outlooks. How about a photo from everyone? I think someone already suggested this on the Christmas run blog!

  • In my local park in Sheffield, hoping for some puddy muddles to run through and herons to see (normally two). Intending to wear my Santa hat and hope that someone insists on force-feeding me mince pies.

  • I'm not brave enough to wear a Santa hat along a Parisian street - I'd probably be arrested for not keeping to the vestimentary rules and regulations. Have a great run.

  • Thanks Nevertoolate. Give it a go; if they don't like it, who cares? You're a runner now; invoke the blessed name of Saint Laura and that'll see 'em off!

  • That's the spirit OldNed - I can really show them that we Brits are proud to be able to look ridiculous on all occasions. Onwards and upwards.

  • I'll be running but have to fit it in with cooking Christmas dinner. Reckon if I put the brussel sprouts on to boil before I set off they should be ready by the time I've done my 30 mins? ;-)

  • What a feat - you'll be able to enjoy a full Christmas dinner afterwards with no guilty conscience. Merry Christmas wherever you are.

  • The beach or prom in Lytham St Annes over looking the Irish Sea (if I can see it), if it is very windy then the streets a bit in land.

  • Had to look that one up - near Blackpool. How ignorant of me. I hope the weather allows you to run beside the sea. That looks like another photo opportunity. I'm already wondering where I can put my camera (my tiny weeny trouser pocket is out of the question).

  • I hate to say this, but once the turkey's safely in the oven & the bread sauce is under way, I'll be on my treadmill. BUT ...

    When I was visiting my lad in Oz earlier in the year I took a film of the run from our hotel in Sydney to the harbour, over the bridge, pausing for a minute to admire the view across the Opera House, etc. I have a TV on the wall right in front of the mill (with me so far?). So as I replay the film, I'll imagine I'm there again and maybe not feel so far away from my son.

    AAAWWW! Isn't that nice?

  • That sounds so futuristic, you are so technologically advanced! Enjoy your virtual trip to Sydney and the Christmas feast afterwards!

  • Your blog makes me realise just how lucky I am to have all my children at home on Christmas Day, Malcy! Hope you see your son soon. :)

  • I'm in Derbyshire, and I'll be aiming to run up along the High Peak Trail by Minning Low, an Iron Age fort. If I knew how to add a pic I would do, but here's the Mapometer run: gb.mapometer.com/running/ro.... I shan't be doing all of it - just the first bit!

    Happy Christmas to all :)


  • Annie, the link didn't work when I tried it, but the images of Minning Low I found make it look such a delightful place to run in. That's quite a long steady hill to run up though! As for the picture, I don't have a mobile phone (what?!!) so I'd have to take my digital camera somehow. I'm still trying to work out where to stow it! Happy Christmas.

  • Hi, quarter way round Sefton Park, Liverpool (am on wk5 r1) Leafy and lovely with a boating lake, swans the lot! Really handy for 5k as well as it's more or less 3 miles round. :)

  • I'll be pounding the - hopefully quiet - streets of Wrexham in North Wales. Three laps of my local block then a detour along an old railway line and back = 5k. Then home to a bacon buttie :D

  • Christmas Day morning run -- in the gorgeous surrounds of Saddleworth. Its very hilly though so im hoping for no ice else I'll be testing me arse padding!!

    my community fellows are doing their runs in very very lovely locations!!

    Have a brilliant christmas day run everyone and KEEEEEP RUNNING!! ALI X

  • No christmas day running for me, I'm sure my daughter will want to play with pressies (and set up one that she will absolutely love - it might take me all day though!). It's not terribly scenic around here, unless I drive somewhere.

    Hopefully I'll have a run today (I'm not too worried though, as I did parkrun on Saturday) and again on boxing day. I think it will be different next year though, I would like to go away for christmas and hopefully I'll be somewhere that is lovely to run.

    It sounds like some of you are in beautiful settings! Enjoy. Merry christmas to you all xx

  • Doubt I'ill be running on Christmas day but if the big man has been listening, hopefully I'll have a Garmin watch to test Boxing Day along Sankey Valley park in Warrington. :>)

    Loging my run on the Xmas Challenge with other forum memebers here :


  • Nowhere near as scenic as the rest of you - just the urban streets of London but hopefully dead quiet for once! Happy Christmas Day running everyone!! Sue x

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