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Painful feet hampering running return


I haven’t been on here for months! Having graduated last year, I was running once a week but then Christmas was followed by a flu type virus, then snow ⛄️ and I stopped running 🏃‍♂️.

Desperate to run again, I enrolled on a local running groups C25K course, first session yesterday. This is ideal BUT this year I’ve developed a problem with my feet, especially the left. The balls of my feet are painful and hurt when I run. I’ve always had problems as I have flat feet, which usually ache after a day of walking around, however I’ve never suffered this much or experienced painful feet.

Feeling pretty fed up

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Try gait analysis - also may be helpful to have insoles specially built for you...


It could be time for new shoes or just socks. You can get thicker socks from Karrimor at Sportsdirect. They are proper technical run socks but just thicker. I use them for longer distances on my stony trail. Cheap as chips but good, and in all colours sizes etc.

I raced in thinner marathon socks at the weekend and eek my feet got sore 😫

If it’s the dreaded plantar facitis (sp?) then that’s a whole new ball game but I would explore the shoes and socks angle first

GingerBohemianGraduate in reply to misswobble

I also was amazed the difference that running socks make. A lot comfier than just the normal socks I had been wearing when I was doing the program last year.


My running shoes are pretty new, Asics Gel kayano 23 I think, purchased around the autumn. My socks are also Asics running trainer socks.

I don’t think my trainers and socks are the problem as apart from yesterday’s club run, I hadn’t run since December and I first noticed the problem during this month, before running.

I wondered if it was metatarsalagia???


During my previous running, about 18 years ago, I did have gait analysis. I didn’t investigate this again whilst doing C25K as had no problems, although my feet sometimes ached the evening after a run.

I have never had pain whilst running or afterwards. Last night it was painful walking around the house in my socks. The joint below my large toe of my left foot is the most painful.

I turned 50 in February, is this an indication of getting older??? Feeling fed up because I so want to run!

I didn’t loose any weight whilst running but have been amazed at the affect non running has had on my body ☹️


Are you using Doctor Google? It could be a lot of things or nothing at all 👍

Painful big toe joint is possibly arthritis onset and maybe the first warning of getting old 😁 I have had it for yonks, and to keep the throb away I take a daily omega 3 fish oil capsule. The toe thing is not plantar fasciitis by the way

I think being lighter on your feet helps as well 🙂


Thank you, you and my husband must think alike, he suggested eating more oily fish. My husband suggested seeing the GP but I didn’t think they’d do anything. I might consult the podiatrist I took my daughter too.


Take the advice of misswobble and GingerBohemian ... :)

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