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W3r2 back to the cattle grids and sheep poop


Whoop whoop! It’s the work Christmas lunch today, followed by a Christmas party somewhere else, so zero chance of running post-midday. I considered waiting until tomorrow morning, but it’s been going so well I didn’t want to miss a day and risk spoiling the momentum. Which meant... getting up early 🙀

It might not be early by some hardcore standards, but I was pulling on ski socks, furry leggings and ski gloves in the dark! (In hindsight, dressing as if I was going skiing wasn’t the best idea 😓).

I hit the road and it was OK. The 90 second slots felt over in a flash. The first 3 minute was fine and the second one OK.

Man, this coffee tastes good!!!

Happy running all 😁

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Well done you ! Now you can party with a clear conscience 😄

That's the way to do it! Well done and enjoy your parties 🎈🎉🍾🍷

Well done you!

I'm scheduled to do W3 r2 tomorrow before our Christmas party - not sure that I'm looking forward to it but the party afterwards will be my incentive!!

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Did you do it?!

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Yay! I did it! Very nearly didn't - finished work much earlier than anticipated so managed to fit a couple of errands in that I didn't think I'd manage until after Christmas - almost talking myself out of going but I didn't!!! 😁

Now for water, a cuppa and then start to think about making myself look vaguely presentable for later!!!

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Brilliant! Well done! As for vaguely presentable, those endorphins work better than make up 😉


Great job and now you don’t have to worry about hydration too much at that Christmas party.., have a good evening and a wonderful run 3.


Having done an early morning run for the first time this week, I know it's not easy, so well on getting the run done and dusted good and early! You deserve a great Christmas party and you know that you'll have all day tomorrow and most of Saturday to recover before the next one!


I normally leave for work at 7am..... I can’t imagine being able to get up early enough to run/shower/change and still leave by 7!

I managed the W3R2 this afternoon and it was great. I can’t believe how much I am enjoying this!

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Long may this feeling last!

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