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B210k W6R1

Back on line!! After a successful end to the B210k W5 I thought I would take a pause so that I could focus on the beat with Laura. I have to say the Stamina run is now about right and I probably will need to have something a bit more challenging for this kind of run where I push my endurance and speed together. Three of those with pleasing improvements each run. Then the Sunday run I have been waiting for.

And it's getting better and better. I didn't know how I wanted to run it really till the last minute and just decided to go for the 60 minutes of B210k without the regular bpm of Laura and the C25k+ Stamina run. (There is no W6 podcast on the Samantha Murphy B210k programme.)The Endomondo lap tracker really spurs me on as does moving through Sam Murphy's playlist. End result? 11.89k in 1 hour and 43 seconds. I ran W5R3 again with its 2 x 30 minutes and through the walked minute of the podcast, hence the extra seconds.

The sub-5 minute km really helps the motivation too! Knowing it's going well is just brilliant. Keeping the laps at that mark is great but I think I am now ready to be looking at a longer run (perhaps pushing the pace less) as part of a three-part varied week of running. I wonder also if now is the time to be varying my route and adding in some harder gradients to the otherwise gentle slopes on this one. I'll be looking at Audio Fuel again to see if they have a slightly tougher interval run than the C25k+ Speed run.

Thanks for reading and happy running.

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I am truly impressed. Brilliant James. :-)

A bit envious too -- but in a nice way! I really want to go for 10K too but have far too much on my plate right now what with the aftermath of Mum both emotionally and in terms of paper work (I had no idea of the web of paper we weave!) and most of all my bereft Dad. Good on you James and Happy running!


Fantastic James! You are doing so well; I am in awe! :) Brilliant run and brilliant time!



Brilliant, James! I echo what Delia and Sue wrote. You're doing fantastic! Such great time and distance!!!!! :-) Gayle


Wow, fantastic pace, great achievement. you must be pleased.


Well done James! Sounds like you are working hard and your time is fabulous!


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