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B210k W3R1 and the ones I didn't blog about

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Still going strong with the running but new term has not made it easy to get to the blogosphere so easily. I'm really pleased that I'm moving on with the B210k programme but I am reading some interesting stuff from other bloggers who suggest a more varied diet of runs is better. More on that later.

The Week 2 runs all worked out nicely around the 8.2k mark so I was very pleased with my progress. But come Thursday and I knew I had stuff to do work-wise in the evening and also felt the need for something a bit shorter and sharper. So ... I went back to Laura and C25k+ Speed!! The initial 155 bpm was fine. The 165 bpm interval was fine (a little bit of a push to be honest). But the 150 bpm intervals were so bad I ended up ignoring them and going some other pace. It might have been 16 minutes but it was a decent workout, even if I did feel that I need a bit harder work on this speed running. (And my time/ distance was no better than the last time I did this run.)

So, Week 3 began yesterday, and I got a really good distance with 9.40k in 51 minutes. Feel brilliant about that even though I know that it's 3 x 17 minutes and 2 x 1 minute walks and not a full-on straight run. But I'm still happy with that. It was strangely 'easier' than some other runs I've done in the past but maybe that is the sort of terrain I run on (pretty flat on the whole) and the drive that I get with the Endomondo lap 'marker' telling me my time and figuring how close I am to the next walking interval.

I'm likely to do two of the B210k runs a week, slowing me on the road to 10 k but I have to do a bit of a faster run midweek too. Speed is probably not the answer for me (sorry Laura) so I may need to look at one of the Audio Fuel products. Wonder what the weather will bring over the next few days, though, as I am more than conscious of how many of my fellow bloggers have suffered injury along the way, I have no intention of joining them.

See you soon back here. Happy running.

10 Replies

Interesting blog Mate, good luck with your training.



Thanks Dale.


Looks like you are getting on well, with some great times too! I am training for a 10k race and have found it hard to settle on a training plan as there are so many different ones out there. I came to the conclusion that it's about finding what feels right for you and fits your goals.....so I made one up :). My race is quite soon so I just have to go for it - speed, distance and hills that is!

On a more sensible note I have been recommended the runners world: Complete Guide To Running which looks fab nod gets great reviews, perhaps that could help you too?



Good on you James. I note that you had trouble with the 150bpm on the speed. If I remember correctly so have others had trouble with this. Maybe do it a few more times, as in the end the beat does connect. I found this one difficult too, but repeated Speed 4 times, and was so pleased when it all came right for me in the end. A bit of a challenge for you. That was when I made the fatal mistake of trying Stamina.

Keep blogging if and when you can-good to hear how you are progressing. Any snow where you are yet?

Keep Running! :-)



Know what you mean about having trouble with the beats in C25K+. I used these podcasts after I graduated last summer and found them fine at the time. However, since then I have discovered that (due to short legs) I run better at a faster beat, although I don't actually go much faster, it just seems to suite my style and body type!? This means that I now comfortably sustain 165bpm yet only go at 7-7.30 min/km. This means that even the speed podcast is pretty useless to me now because it no longer suites how I run. I guess we are all different and we just need to experiment and shop around for what helps us personally.

I'm also considering trying the audiofuel interval stuff at some stage. I already use their Run Wild album to acompany me on my long runs and find it excellent. You'll have to let us know how you get on if you do try their interval material.

Happy running Janda

Sarah x.


Very, very impressive James. And I fully inderstand the problem with C25k+ Speed and the bmps although I thought it was down to my short legs!

Am down and out with flu right now and, like yourself, beginning of semester, but will be back soon. Happy Running, Delia.

in reply to DeliaItaly

Sorry to hear you still have flu Delia :(

Wish you a speedy recovery!

Sue xox


Good stuff, James! I can't believe you are getting ready to start week 3 already! I will be thinking of you as you progress with the plan. Hoping the weather cooperates and you stay injury free! Steve and I start our B25K Week 2 this week. Gayle


Brilliant progress and distance James! :)

I am just working on B210K for now to run further and for longer and may look at other things afterwards but just enjoying myself for now ;) Week 2 this week! :D



9.4 k in 51 mins? Wow, you're really coming on. nearly at the 10K mark already! Amazing stuff!

I'll be interested to hear about your experience with Audiofuel podcasts. I'm keen to look around for an alternative interval training session too. Did I see a recent blog on this very matter?


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