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B210K Week 1 Run 1 under the belt :-)

So tonight was the first step into the B210K programme, in the company of the (thankfully very nice) Samantha.

I couldn't help feeling a little guilty and disloyal to Laura as I set out, and I had to remind myself that technically she had abandoned me, not the other way round!!

Samantha has great taste in music, which was nice, and once I'd realised that I wouldn't actually hear her talking to me, and that I'd have to listen for the dip in the volume of the music, I was fine.

The first three lots of 10 minutes were fairly easy, and I really enjoyed them. The last one was hard work, and I was more tired at the end than I have been in any of my recent runs. But that may have been because despite the 3 walking breaks, my average speed over the 43 minutes was the same as over my recent 30 minute runs! Going back to intervals is clearly helping my pace. (I really love that my new Garmin tells me these things - it's definitely the best new toy I've had in a long time!!)

Anyway, the first step onthe new programme has been taken, and I'm back in the groove pushing the boundaries again. Bring on Friday!! Looking forward to the next run now :-D

(Still waiting for my nice shiny badge though...)

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Sounds like you're having too much fun! :)

May I ask where to get this B210K program? I'm still doing the C25k+ podcasts, but I wouldn't mind a little more variety.

My badge was slow to arrive, also. After waiting 6 days I emailed the the NHS_Choices_fitness_editor (look in the directory under admins) and received it the next day. So many new graduates lately I imagine it's not easy keeping track of us all.


The link to the podcasts should be here. They take a while to download, so don't do what I did and assume it isn't working - it probably is. Just take your time!


Enjoy!! :-)


Well done on starting your next challenge! I remember that last 10 min run being a killer too but found it a lot easier on the second run - hope you do too!!

Sue :)


I agree with the last post. I did B210K week1 run2 on Tuesday and I found the 2nd run easier and more enjoyable than the 1st. Couldn't go for my run3 this evening though due to a shooting pain in my foot (with some rest I'm hoping it'll stop soon). I too purchased a Garmin recently which I love. Keep it up!! Sue :-)


Thanks both!! I'm looking forward to getting back out tomorrow and hopefully going just a little bit further in the 43 minutes than I did yesterday.

Well done to you both for keeping at it. It's nice to have company at this stage of procedings...

Watch this space... :-D


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