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B210K W1 R1 Outran the lightning!

Oh, how I wanted those big fat rain drops to fall on me when I was out running, but all I got was distant thunder and clouds of agitated, and not very tasty, midges! It's chucking it down now.

I couldn't download anything for B210K, so set my Garmin for run/walk intervals of 10/1, which seems to be the regime for this week. So total run/walk time of 43 minutes, and I covered 4.32 miles! Hurray! Very pleased with that. :)

I ran with no Laura (I did miss her) and no music. No headphones, as I'm sure they contribute to my excessive hotness (temperature-wise on this occasion) and beetroot red face - definitely only hot in a temperature kind of a way!

So, very happy. I love running! :D

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Good! Glad to hear it. A bit of gentle, warm rain would have been very welcome as it was hot, dry and still out there tonight. I was out running, albeit slowly, but I was happy to get round. I was listening to Bridge to 10 k with Sami, week 3 I think


I haven't been able to find Sam. I tried to download the BlueFin B210K podcasts, but hours later they're still downloading on my phone, so I might just stick with the Garmin. It was funny, though, I could "hear" Laura's voice telling me I was doing great, and that even though my legs would be getting sore it was important that I kept moving. :)


If you type in couchto5k.healthunlocked.com you will go straight to a post which has the link for the Sam Murphy podcasts.


I feel a bit of a fraud with my speed, because I know there are people here who tackle hills, and it's dead flat where I run.


Awesome effort! I start B210K next week and I can assure you I will avoid hills for now!

How did you find the intervals?


Thanks. :)

I found a description of the programme here. blog.bluefinapps.com/about-...

For some reason I couldn't download the podcasts, but I can hear Laura talking to me anyway (in my head!), so as long as I know when to run and when to walk, I should be fine. :)


Have you downloaded the C25k+ podcasts, which were also voiced by Laura. They're excellent and you can keep on using them


I tried the Stepping Stone one for my first one after graduation and it was a disaster! I couldn't get the hang of beats per minute at all! She kept telling me to run to the beat of the music, but I couldn't hear any beat in the music! Just didn't work for me, at all! I listened to the Speed one later on, at home, and it seemed similar with the bpm and the music, so decided not to bother with them and go for B210K instead.


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