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More B210k

Well I'm still here and still going. The new programme is great, despite the music and despite the lack of Laura's advice and encouragement. I'm sure the NHS is missing a trick here. Amazed that my distance was the same as the first B210k run even with 4 secs slower time!! Pleased with my perseverance and drive at the end. Want to keep this up as best I can once back to work. Next run is New Year's Day. Happy New Year to all and happy running.

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Nicely done!

I'm planning to start the B210K plan tomorrow -- on New Year's Day. New year, new programme, right? Nice to hear from somebody else who has just begun at very nearly the same time.

I'm impressed that you are covering over 7km in the 40 minutes -- wowza!

I'll post my own experiences in a day or two, and I look forward to hearing more of yours. In the meantime [PUTS ON BEST "LAURA" VOICE] take a minute to savour the moment. Very well done! ;-D

P.S. Happy New Year!!


And to you Matt (with or without Laura's voice!) Happy New Year, good luck with the B210k.


Well done! So impressive. I'm still out-the knee is a lot better, but I want to strengthen it up before any serious running takes place. I have had a go at short spurt running whilst out walking with hubby and it complains a bit, so am lengthening the short spurts a little at a time. I hope to restart with week 5 runs in a couple of weeks.

So good to here you are both doing so very well.

Keep on Running! :-)

And a Happy, Healthy, New Year to you both.

Colette xx


Hi Colette. Glad to hear you are improving, but please don't do any crazy stuff. It is so easy to cause long term damage simply because you think you are over the worst. The week 5 runs might do it. All the very best for 2013 and hope to hear you are back running normally again soon. James


Ah! James-couldn't remember your name, lol!! I really do have to make a list of the real names on here.

Yes, I was talking to Sharyn on email and she has restarted with week 5 and doing ok. I haven't tried out anything too strenuous yet-as you say you have to take it easy after injury. The very short gentle running I did (about 15 seconds) did provoke a bit of hurting, just enough to let me know enough was enough. I had my first real walk on 27th and that was ok despite it being against the wind (walked along the promenade). I'll keep you posted.

Take care,

Colette x


Hi Janda, could you please recommend the link you are using? There are dozens of B210k programs around but yours sounds excellent! Cheers and happy 2013, delia


Hi Delia. Try this link from the C25k blog

Just paste into your browser and find the link in there.

Cheers to you too. James


Thanks, I'll start tomorrow too!


Wow. That's keen. Good luck with your first outing.


I have slowed down so much over Christmas I don't think it's an option!


I hated the music on all the b210k programmes I found so just ended up using audiofuel in the end. It was a good choice as it got me running continuously for 2 hours in the end!


Hi, try the tempo magic pro app if you can, it's really great. You can play your own playlist at the Bpm you choose, really got me moving. Just finished day two of b210k . Tracy


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