B210K W1R2 - But did I cheat?

I have just come back from W1R2 of B210K.

I decided to use the 10K app I had downloaded, which gives the running and walking prompts but lets me use my own music. In theory.

All was going well, I was getting into the groove running along to my tunes, even finding the energy for a spot of air guitar and then come 10 minutes in, and.. nothing. No walking prompt.

I think that the distance prompts from my mapmyrun app interfered with it. It was strange as the other app was still running, playing my music. Oh well.

So I had to make a quick decision. To run or to walk? I decided as I was in the zone, and I had no convenient way of timing the sections that I should just carry on and ran the whole thing.

So I ran 40 minutes straight today! How exciting! But was it cheating? I covered a slightly longer distance than the first run, but considering the previous one included the walking bits, I'm quite chuffed. It was a solidly paced run with between 6.14 and 6.28 minutes per KM, which I'm pretty happy with.

I'll be back with Samantha next time though!


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21 Replies

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  • It's not cheating! Well done :)

  • Thanks Ali!

  • Doesn't sound like cheating to me. If you completed the right amount of time running but without the need for walk brakes, I'd say you surpassed what was neccessary! Well done Rollertoaster, that's fantastic!

  • Thanks MrsBirdsnest (great name!). Looking forward to hearing more about your progress to 10K!

  • OK, so inspiring you to get out there is one thing but to get out there and DO THAT.....that's quite another!!! ;) :D

    Seriously though, that's brilliant! Bet you are glad you chose that option now?! :)

    Well done you!


    ps It's not cheating at all....;)

  • Thanks Sue, I give you a good proportion of credit for that ;) I am VERY glad I didn't go for the shorter option now!

  • No worries!! YOU JUST RAN FOR 40 MINUTES!!!! If you want to worry about something then worry about which 10K run you want to do when you are finished!!! Don't worry about doing toooooooooo good on a run!!!!! :-)

    Keep Running!!! Oh yeah, and add a bit of walking!! :-)


  • hehe, yeah I've been looking into local 10K's. What is happening to us? :)

  • *applauds* Forty minutes straight?? That's fantastic! Well done, you!

  • WOOOP! Thanks!

  • Cheating is sitting on the couch and eating bon-bons! ;-) No cheating here! YOU JUST RAN 40 straight!!!! YIPPPPEEEE!!! You go girl! :-) Gayle

  • Thanks Gayle, my longest run to date! Woo!!

  • How can that be cheating? 40 minutes is great. Just feel good about it.

  • I guess I figured the walking breaks were put in as a crucial part of the training?? Oh well, I don't know, sod it, I ran for 40 mins! :)

  • 40 minutes straight, and RT asks if it is cheating? Lol's!! Course not-you RAN 40 minutes girl-40 MINUTES straight!!!! At the mo I can't even run 1 minute, so a titchy bit envious.

    So pleased for you. Can really be a nuisance when your ipod or whatever chooses to stop, but you came up with a timely solution there.

    Keep on Running :-)

    Colette x

  • hehe thanks! I am clearly too compliant to usually dare to deviate from the programme! ;)

    Are you injured right now Colette? If so, I hope you're better soon!

  • Me too! I stick to the system. Yep-still out I'm afraid. Knee appeared to be better, so took myself off for a little walk on Friday morning. Seemed ok, but by Sunday was playing up again, so not ready yet to venture forth. Getting fed-up with not being able to exercise.

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    Colette x

  • Oh no! That must be so frustrating, but you seem to be being sensible. I'm sure you know this, but don't try to run until it's properly better as you may really hurt it and be out for much longer. Do let us know when you are back out there :)

  • PS Hope you did your cool down 5 minutes afterwards?

  • I certainly did do my cool down / enjoy the moment / bask in the glory walk! :)

  • Excellent stuff Rollertoaster-so many seem to think it doesn't matter anymore once they've graduated :-)

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