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Where do I start?

Managed to get to week 7 in the summer which was an absolute miracle for me. Then for one reason or another (far to feeble to mention) I have not run again since the end of August !!!!! I want to start back with the plan but don't know where to start . Do I go back to week 1? Am hoping someone has been in the same position as me and can advise. Thanks

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You did amaziingly to get that far - and some of that work must help. At the very least you know you can do this programme.

I started for the first time early in 2012 then managed to hurt my ankle sometime around week 5 and stopped for almost 4 months until it was better. I chose to go back to the beginning because I wanted to build stamina and confidence - I was still struggling to believe I could do this running thing! I'm now about to graduate with next run.

One option might be to go back to the beginning but run every other day so you'd get through those first easier weeks very quickly? That might feel really motivating. Then as you progress and the runs get harder you can go back to the pattern of 3 runs a week, with more rest time inbetween.

For me the big psychological barrier was getting past the point when I'd had to give up before.

No run is a wasted run - and wherever you start back you already know you can do this.


If it was me, I would be tempted to go back to the beginning. Perhaps try week 1 run 1 and if you find that very comfortable, skip straight to week 2 on your next run rather than repeat the whole of week 1.


Thank you. Yes I did think that if I started back at the beginning it should be a whole lot easier than when I started all those months ago therefore motivating me to carry on. It's just surprising how much of a struggle it is if you miss a couple of weeks never mind several months. Thanks for your words of encouragement, think I will charge up my mp3 today and get reacquainted with Laura tomorrow. In the past when I have missed a run because I have been tired or it's too cold etc my running friend has always said, you may regret not doing a run but you never regret doing a run! This may inspire some


Yes, that is helpful and encouraging:

"you may regret not doing a run but you never regret doing a run!"

Even the run that was a struggle, and I didn't enjoy, you are right, I didn't actually regret having done it, I just regretted that it wasn't much fun!


yes I would go back to the beginning too. I had to stop at week 7 last year due to injury but started again from week end of August and completed it in November - just took my time to avoid further injury but I did find the first few weeks easier than the first time around. Good luck :-)


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