Well, where do I start?

I'd entered a 5K race for Life this morning, without telling anyone who knew me, so there was no support party and I had just taken hubby to the train station to set off on a foreign trip. That's fine. I like my own company and other runners are easy to talk to. Standing in the (100 yard long) queue for the Portaloos before the start I found myself next to a lady of about my age. We compared notes on who we were running to remember (my best ever friend Ronny) and I asked if she was running the 5K too. 'No, I'm doing the 10K' she said.'Though I won't be running it-just walking'. My brain started sizzling. 'Do they check your name to see if you've entered?'

'Oh no', she replied, 'it's all very casual.'

Ten minutes later as the field divided after the first kilometre I found myself heading for the 10K channel. A marshal waved me back towards the right hand side. 'That way for the 5K love' he said. That did it. 'Don't I look as if I can do it?' I asked indignantly and pounded past him.

All went well for the first 7K as I ran for 5 minutes and walked for 1 as per my training plan. Marshals kept trying to redirect me to the 5K course but I ignored them. I even allowed myself little smiles as I glanced down at my lovely new luminous green Garmin and was told I was 'on pace' (I'd set it for a 7 minute per K mark to do the 5K). But at the 8K mark I started to really struggle. It was incredibly hot under the midday sun in the centre of a racecourse and there was only one watering station.I finally asked an onlooking ambulanceman for a water bottle- I told him it might save him a job later. I don't think he was expecting me to pour it all over myself...

At the 9K mark the track turned rough and gravelly and my run walk ratio dropped to 1:1 (a minute of each) but a lot of people seemed to have had dropped to a permanent walk in front of me so I gritted my teeth and kept going. And then, finally the end was in sight and the local radio station DJ was cheering people on and giving their life stories as they passed the finish line. What would he say about ME I wondered. I broke into my old lady's version of a sprint as I reached the last 100 yards and was rewarded by the comment "And here comes Pam, one of the last of the 5K runners over the line. Well done Pam'.

'I've just run 10K' I shrieked at him. 'Oh, she says she's run 10K' he told the crowd doubtfully. 'Ok. well done anyway!'

Afterwards I found the reason for the confusion was not because I looked too ancient and decrepit to run a 10K as I suspected but because my running bib was lined with pink, signifying 5K entry, while the official 10K people had blue linings.

So my paranoia was ill-founded and I had done it! And my time as verified by Strava was a startling 1 hour 16 minutes 30 seconds. I wasn't really supposed to fulfill my New Years resolution of running 10K until the Leeds Race for Life on July 20th. I'd set myself a target of 1 hour 30 minutes for that. Looks like I may have to adjust it.

Oh, yes, I forgot to mention my foot. Well, I strapped it up firmly, took an ibuprofen beforehand and iced it when I got home and so far I seem to have stunned it into submission!

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37 Replies

  • Fantastic awesome amazing TT. Go you!!! So pleased it all went well for you ( and your foot) You should be so proud of yourself. Bloomin good, very respectable time too! :) :) :)

  • Thank you so much AM. The question now is should I open a celebratory bottle when there's just me to drink it?

  • Lol yes! Get 2 bottles! I'm just having another glass of rosé (on my own), still celebrating yesterday's parkrun! ;-)

  • Oh you've talked me into it...

  • My good deed for the day is done! ;-) xx

  • Definitely

  • OMG I love this post. Just shows what guts pig headedness and sheer determination can achieve. Well done you, but so sorry you had no one to cheer you on :(

  • I knew you were all there in spirit with me Granny :-) Didn't notice any other C25K graduate T-shirts though-even though they were the perfect colour for today. How disappointing. I keep thinking we're a really big community but maybe we're just small and select.

  • didnt mean to call you pig headed :)

  • I regard that as a compliment granny :-)

  • Wow. I have no more words. You're amazing.

  • Thank you rr76. I am in no mood to deny it. Humility will set in tomorrow!

  • Fabulous post!! Very well done! What an achievement! I had no idea about the colour differences! Xx

  • Great post, well done I love your determination. I bet you feel great, make sure you share your fanatsic day with your freinds and family now, you deserve all the praise.

  • Great stuff ! Well done , thats amazing :-)

    Glad your foot held up for you too , you must have beaten it into submission :-) xxx

  • good for you Girl

  • Fantastic achievement and well done.

  • That is fantastic!!! A great time time as well :)

  • Well done and great news on the ankle :)

  • Whoop whoop, you are one determined lady. Well done, you must be so so chuffed!

  • Brilliant stuff! Well done you for kicking ass! I think not saying anything is a good plan as it takes the stress out of it.

    You must be well chuffed with your running, and your ankle

    What next?

  • OMG girl, you rock! Whoop whoop! So proud of you. Your Garmin would have tracked your full 10k wouldn't it? So when you tell your tale you can say look, here it is! I'm not a slow 5k runner but a flippin awesome C2 10k runner! Best post I have read in ages! And I've read some amazing posts! So inspirational! And to do it in secret with no support! Like I said, you rock! Xx

  • Well my Garmin would have tracked me the whole way had I remembered to charge it before I Ieft home PR. Didn't dare tell my techy son that. It gave up the ghost after 6K. Fortunately I had my iphone in my back pocket as a back-up so good old Strava recorded the whole thing.

  • Oh that's the main thing then! :-)

  • Oh that's the main thing then! :-)

  • Cor blimey!!! Well done you, that's fanTastic!!! The whole story! Totally brilliant turnturtle ... you superstar you! :-)

  • Well done TT What a great achievement Enjoy your wine

  • :D How fantastic; I'm chuckling away reading that, you rebel, you! :D Really, really, really well done, that's just brilliant! :-)

  • Fantastic going turnturtle, bet you are on cloud 9 tonight. Enjoy the next one.

  • Thank you all my lovely friends. Off to bed now with a bellyful of strawberries and cream washed down with just a soupcon of good red wine. Himself is away so I think the dogs may even be allowed up on the bed tonight.

    I am feeling goodwill to all men and beasts. Night night. x

  • A perfect end to an amazing day :-) Goodnight TT, sweet dreams :-) xxx

  • O.M.G!! How things turn out , I bet yesterday at this time you wouldn't have thought you would be completing a 10 k er , how fantastic !! & a great time . You should be very very proud . Congratulations well done you .

  • wow, thats good going! congratulations! hope you're definitely having a lazy night now! :)

  • Well done - that's a great story.

  • Fantastic! Well done you! :)

  • That's excellent. Well done!

  • Wel done TT and what an inspirational story! It's funny how we can surprise ourselves sometimes, and you have done just that! Congratulations :)

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