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Where do I start again!


I got to week 7 r 1 and then they closed a busy A road where I live for 11 weeks and all the traffic has been diverted through the village I live in so it's been too busy to run. Plus I lost motivation.

I ran about 5 weeks ago last and did a week 6 run. I have signed up to do 5 k thr first week in September and I know I won't be able to run it all but would still like to try one. Any ideas to get me going again ?

Thank you

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I’d just go for a run and track it to see how long I ran for and then start at the appropriate part of the plan.


I am sure you can find somewhere quite such as a lane, park somewhere near to where you live to run.


Or do a run from each week just to ease yourself back in. Doing a run from W1 should boost your confidence a bit too. Then one from W2 on your next outing. Same for W3. Until you get to place and think "This is the week that's right for me" and get back into the programme proper.

Hope you get back into your trainers xx


I had a similar experience got to week 7 and then stopped for about 8 weeks under Doctors orders although I did some walks rather than runs in that time. I’d read replies to posts that you don’t lose fitness that quickly so decided to start again from week 5 to build up confidence but also to have some run walks initially. That worked for me. That might help you but if w5 r1 feels too much perhaps try W4 the next time instead. Good luck

Thank you ! I will get those trainers on today !

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