OK...so where do I start again?

Decided to start again tomorrow. Not ran since I graduated in September and keep puttibg it off as lost confidence probably. Just not sure where to start again? Any ideas? Should I go back to week 1 or do you think I need to start further along to boost myself a bit without expecting too much of course OR do i just go and do a warm up walk and see how long I can manage?? Any advice welcome. x


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13 Replies

  • I would suggest starting at week 3 and see how it feels.

    I have had breaks of 3 months (didn't lose to much in terms of fitness) and 7 months (had to start again from scratch). Your 5 months off is about half way between.

  • I really like the early weeks of the program, and always start back there. At least one run of week 1, one of week 2 etc. Great for confidence boosting and to ease the joints back in.

  • I had a break if eighteen months and went back to week 1 . Am now on week 4 and unable to understand why I stopped. The first time out was such a buzz. So go for it !

    If you are still fit then 2 or 3 may be the starting point

    Go for it and enjoy !

  • I agree with runswithdogs .. take a small jogette from week and see how it feels? Just go, as ever slow and steady! You know the form :)

  • I did did similar following a break after an injury (not caused by running frustratingly). I started at week one, but only did it twice before moving on to week 2, did that twice then onto week 3 and then started following the programme fully.

    W1 felt ridiculously easy but I wanted to give my body a chance to get used to running again.

  • I was the same but I have just been out and am so pleased with myself. I had to stop September for a back injury, then the cold weather made me lazy and then I hurt my ankle about 6 weeks ago. But having woke early yesterday (but an excuse of not wanting to wash my hair yesterday) made me just watch TV instead so I was determined today. Got all my stuff ready last night so I had no excuse. And I enjoyed it. I did week 3 again so it was intervals but I could have done longer runs and shorter walks as I didn't struggle with being tired or breathing. My foot was a little sore so kept reminding myself to relax my muscles. Already planning my next which will be longer running, shorter walks. You can do it - you did it before and think how fab you will feel.

  • I started again in December, having stopped around august. I started at week 3 which I did the first run of the week, then week 4 the second run, and week 5 the third run. Then I did week five for the next three runs, before moving on. I was surprised at how much fitness I had retained. I guess it doesn't matter how we get ther or how long it takes, doing anything is better than nothing! Good luck 😊

  • My wife slinkylinky has the same dilemma after stopping running in August due to a medical condition & operation. She's considering starting from scratch again, see how it goes and if alls well may skip w 2 and go to w3 and so on. I'll probably do it with her again to motivate..

  • Thanks..just started on w2r1 and it was OK :-) going to work through it again I think from here..we'll see.

  • I started again a couple of weeks ago too. I started back at the beginning, having had about the same amount of time out as you did. I skipped one of the Week 1 runs, but then followed the course from there. I'm definitely finding it easier than first time round, but I quite like having a laid out course to follow so am happy to stick with the programme.

  • Good luck with it. Just did w2R1 and it feels great to be back. Like you i think im going to just work through it now again :-)

  • Hi, I would start from the beginning, then you can evaluate how you feel after the first run and decide if you feel fit enough to go forward a few more weeks. I haven't exercised for a couple of weeks because of a cold and travelling, and I can tell you, I felt it after doing the first run again!! I am 51 years old mind 😐. Good luck

  • I just started again after a 5-week break and began with Week 6, then two of each of the longer runs. I think after a long break I would do start back at Week 1, but only do one of each until it starts to be difficult - then follow the programme in full.

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