Is there a Priest in the house?

Bless me Father, for I have sinned. It has been over three weeks since my last run...three weeks and one day to be exact. These are my sins. I have been lazy and chose the couch and the television over my trainers. I have made excuses and not treated my body as the temple that it should be treated as. Most of all, I have eaten like a PIG!!!! Please forgive me for these running sins and know that for my penance I have just completed a 3.26 mile run with a temperature of -4 C. AMEN

Yes, it has been 22 days since I have ventured out for a run. All of the above is true, but we were also hit by the most fierce of flu bugs and our daughter had surgery to replace her ACL. Those events combined with an wonderful Christmas, led us to not finding the time to run.

On the brighter side, for anyone worried about can they still run after a bit of a break...the answer is YES YOU CAN!! It was a rough run and a very slow one, too. All in all though, I have to count it as a success. It was a run and not another snack-fest on the couch!! :-)

To top it all off, I tried out my running tights for the first time!! I am quite impressed!! I was pretty pleased with how warm they kept my legs!! I also had the matching top and top all of it off with a fleece pullover. The fleece proved to be a bit much so I think that I will go with something a bit lighter the next time. Also, my stocking cap was far too heavy. Sue, you will be happy to know that I too, may soon be investing in a Buff!!!

Welcome back, trainers!!

Keep Running!! :-)



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16 Replies

  • You are forgiven my son, father Ed :-)

  • Thank you, Father Ed!!! :-) I feel like a new man already!! :-)

  • Well done Steve! it is a miracle we are so dedicated especially with all the food and the bad weather around! Don't let that couch win!!


  • Oh yes, Susie...isn't all of that food wonderful? :-) I think that the couch will be feeling a bit more lonely once again and that my trainers will be seeing a bit more action!!

    Keep Running, my friend!! :-)

  • Great going sweetie! I KNEW you could do it!!!! As far as sinning, I was right in there with ya! ;-) Drooling at all of the goodies that still surround us, but I will remain strong and keep the faith!! :-) BTW: You looked mighty fine in the tights on to getting you buffed. ;-)

  • lol at you two! :-D

  • Hmmmmm...all of this time I thought you were behind me because I was faster than you. Now, I find out that you are back there checking out my body!!! I am onto your scam now, baby!!! :-)

    Love you!!

  • Glad to see you are back and it IS reassuring to know that you can survive an extended break and overindulgence! Glad you had a good christmas. Sorry to hear of the poorlies and I hope your daughter is fully recovered now.

    Have a lovely, healthy and happy new year! :-)

  • Thank you, Vixie!! Our daughter is doing well. She is still in the brace, but slowly weaning herself off of the crutches. Thank you for asking!

    May you and yours also have a healthy and Blessed New Year!!


  • Well done Steve - for your confessions, for getting out there in such a temperature and for bravely wearing......tights!! I think you are well and truly forgiven. It's not easy after a break but as you say it can be done albeit slowly at first. It's a good feeling too to burn off those extra calories with a smug backward glance at others....!

    As for the buff, well according to Gayle you already are........but happy shopping anyway!!!


  • Thank you, Sue!! I have to admit that I do enjoy those smug glances back!! :-)

    Did you read that in Gayle's post up there? She is running behind me to check out my body...can you believe such a thing????? Put me in a pair of tights and all of a sudden she can almost keep up with me!! :-) Using a body packed tightly into tights to motivate her...unbelievable!!! I would never do such a thing!!! (Cue Pinky and all of the other 20 something spandex clad bodies that I have mentioned following around on parkruns!!) Opps, maybe I should shut my mouth and go now. ;-)

    Happy and Blessed New Year!!

    Keep Running!! :-)

  • Good one Steve, that's brilliant, also have given me the kick up the arris to get back out. I too haven't run since about the 12th of December, recovering from an injury in late October -November, but since then had lost my running mojo a bit.

    Right that's it tomorrow I am up early and going out for a run, may be slow but I'm going to do it

    Cheers Steve, and keep going, ps the running tights are ace, love mine when it's super cold

  • You can do it, Jimbob!! It seems that the longer we stay out, the harder it is to work up the mojo to get back out there. Let's see...isn't it Nike that says, "JUST DO IT!!"

    You are so right about the tights. I am not a tights kind of guy, but when it is cold they certainly are good!!

    Go Run!!!! :-)


  • Well done for your brave confession Steve. Glad to hear that you have made amends!

    Remember, too - that your body is not only a temple it is also a nightclub!

    Hope your daughter recovers quickly.

    New year wishes to you all. V xx

  • Oh my friend, Viv, we could be BIG trouble together!! I absolutely love the way you think!! Nightclub, you say!!! Indeed, and a very fun one at that!!!! :-)

    Our daughter is doing well. She is still in her brace, but weaning herself off of the crutches. Thank you for the warm wishes for her!!

    Happy and Blessed New Year to you and your Nightclub!!! I will make you a have one or two for me and I will hoist a glass or two in your honor as well!! Deal?

  • No substitute for the honest truth, is there Steve? It's great that you and Gayle are off the couch and out running again. I know the temperatures are getting cold where you are too so the running tights are a very good idea. I won't leave the house without them now. Have a great new year and keep running!

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