She's a cold one out there!

She's a cold one out there!

Just a post to say you CAN run in the cold.

Right after running my first 5 k, I signed up with the same ladies for another one - on December 31st. A New Year Resolution run. That's all fine and good - a great idea to keep you motivated over the start of winter. Unfortunately in Calgary, the weather is a gamble. Could be anywhere from +5C to -35C that time of year. So when I saw the forecast this morning for a sunny -22 C, I thought what the heck. I wore my regular trainers with wool socks, sweat pants with fleece thermals underneath, a thermal top with a hood, a fleece over that and then my windbreaker. I think the balaclava made a difference - I found one at a work supply store for much cheaper than the running stores. And one of my knit hats on top. I just ran in the area around the gym that my other half was working out in so that if I had to duck out of the run, I could have. I managed almost 4 k before I figured he'd wonder where I was. I could have easily continued for another few k, I was certainly warm enough - maybe even too warm. So it IS possible. That being said, there was no wind today - I would be very, very afraid of the wind.

And normally I'm not one for 'selfies', but once I realized that the reason I was having trouble seeing was because of the icicles forming on my eyelashes, I had to take a picture. The ice has also given me insight to what I will look like once I start going gray :)

Happy running folks. And stay warm!


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22 Replies

  • Wow! That's cold! I will never moan again about the cold here.

  • And there's me thinking a zero° morning start is a cold one.. no more! Well done you for going out in such extreme temperatures - I too would be VERY afraid of the wind..

    Stay safe :-) xx


  • I will never complain about the cold again!

    I showed my hubby your picture as he used to live in Medicine Hat (before he met me) and was a runner then. He says on one run his eyelids froze together and he couldn't open his eye! So he knows what you're going through!

    He took me to the Calgary Stampede 3 years ago. It was fantastic. Loved it there.

    Well done on the run and I love the grey hair!

  • Small world - my mum's side is from the 'Hat. We used to visit all the time. I'm sure their winters are colder and summers are hotter than ours.

    Horrible to hear his eyelids froze shut. That sounds thoroughly unpleasant :).

  • Great photo! We are lucky here as it's quite warm, well it was today and DRY! Yay

    We don't know what cold is compared to you in Canada. No frozen eyebrows here

  • What a great photo! and your post makes impressive reading, i shall never complain about being a BIT cold! Well done to you, that new year resolution run sounds a great idea! :)

  • The resolution run should be a lot of fun. It'll give me an excuse to misbehave that night - I'll have earned my food and drink. However some cities are hosting it New Years Day. I don't think I'd be into that sort of penance/punishment.

  • Wow! Definitely cold, but it sounds as though you've got your running gear sussed out.

    I remember meeting a couple of Russian ladies once who were comparing how cold it got and the conversation went something like this:

    "How cold can it get where you're from?"


    "-40? I couldn't imagine that! We only get -30!"

    Apparently in both places then people slap strangers on their faces if they can see that their face has got patches of white, because that's a sign of frostbite and it's a good neighbourly thing to do because you'd want someone to do it to you!

  • I think the cold and the heat are a matter of perspective. I'd rather run on the slightly too cold side than the slightly too hot side.

    Thanks for mentioning the frostbite. I think it would be easy to overlook when you're running because you get so hot. Probably worth running with a chum to spot exposed skin.

  • Brilliant pic.

    Now that's what I call determination to run in all weathers!

    BTW - Good plan regarding a small radius circular route in case of trouble...

  • Wow, bet the ground must be hard!

  • Mostly still soft snow. Which I'm discovering is very hard to run in. Should be hard packed by tomorrow.

  • I think you get the award for Most Dedicated Runner of the Week. Fab post and great photo :)

  • Fabulous. Love the photo :)

  • Blimey that's cold. So impressed with your dedication being out there in that.

  • Bliiiiiiiiimey! THAT is cold. Well done for lasting as long as you did!

  • That is cold... Lovely photo!

  • All i can say is that is commitment!!

  • Well, I am in Sweden and so far I have ran at -8 with no problems. I was wondering what the coldest temperature I could run in would be, but I don't think I have to worry as we very rarely go below -20!

    Thanks for posting and happy running.

  • You could manage the same if you've done -8. Just another layer and a balaclava. Happy winter running :)

  • Oh I love this photo...your eyes are beautiful xxx

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