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Couch to 5K
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It wasn't pretty, it wasn't easy but I finally got there in the end

Having got to week 8 back in October, I then stopped for 12 weeks due to an Achilles problem. I started C25K again in January but decided to take it easier with a few more rest days in between some of the longer runs.

Although I've had a few niggles with my left hip I completed week9 run 1 run on Monday and did run 2 on Wednesday night and today I completed the final run of C25K - when my lovely daughter (ex marathon runner) joined me at the local MK Parkrun.

For some strange reason it wasn't my best run - maybe I went off a bit too quickly at the beginning, or perhaps the nervous energy affected me - but I kept going and finally got to the end in 36.22 minutes.

Disappointed? Yes, because I was hoping to do 5k in a slightly better time and it's the last week of the C25K programme.

Happy? Ecstatic, who would have thought that a 59 year old, 2 stone overweight, couch potato, who's hated running with a passion, could have achieved this - and been disappointed to run non stop for over 36 minutes!

Thank you C25K and thanks to everybody on the forum - without your posts and support at times it would have been very easy to stop.

This programme is simply amazing - if I can do it anybody can.

So what's next - try to increase my speed and can't wait until it's next week's parkrun.

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Well done! You've achieved so much xxx


Apologies for my delayed reply. Many thanks kickbro your congratulations are really appreciated. x


Well done you! Also just the post I needed to see... I got to w7r3 three weeks ago then pinged a muscle in my calf, then got flu, then ... well ... got 'the fear' of starting again. But today I did w6r1, feel good for doing it , but was appalled at how lumpen and slow I felt. But your post has inspired me that I can get into it again and achieve what you have done. ( I am 60 and 3 stone overweight) . Congratulations again... and Thank You xx


Thanks Jaqs99. Without the support of this forum, I wouldn't have made it to the last run. But, seeing that I wasn't alone and that other C25K runners were having similar problems kept me going. In hindsight, had I bought some decent running shoes at the beginning and not tried to push it too quickly, I probably wouldn't have had problems with my Achilles. But, maybe these things are meant to be. When I restarted the programme, I went back to the last run of week 3 and did things a little differently. I decided to take it easier and tried to listen to my body a bit more and often took a few more days rest before runs and it worked for me. Honestly, if I can do it so can you. Take care and best wishes I look forward to seeing you graduate soon.

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Thanks hits. Some good advice there. I've thought about doing the same. I'm going to do each run at least twice and not panic if I have more than the prescribed rest days.

I hope you're having fun with your post-graduation runs. X


Congratulations on your achievement. Best wishes.


Thanks Fitmo - it's appreciated!


Well done!


Thanks for the comment - without the support of fellow C25Kers it wouldn't have been possible.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sounds like a well deserved graduation badge to me :)


Thanks aliboo70 and thanks for all your posts. When I had to stop running for a few months and rest my Achilles completely, reading all the great comments on this forum (including yours) made me even more determined to complete the programme. So, it's me that should be thanking people like you.

Now my next challenge is to try to run 5k in 30 minutes, I'll keep you posted on my progress.


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