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Week 8 done and dusted on Christmas Day

The title says it all really, week 8 and its miserable 3 runs have been run with the last falling on Christmas Day. Running well over 9 miles this week alone, has made the completion of this week even greater. Looking at everyones progress on this site has assured me that even though my progress over this program has been steady it will be well worth it at the end of next week. I was also hoping someone could enlighten me on any another programmes, as I would love to run further distances or atleast run the distance in a shorter time. Thank you for reading this and I hope you have had a merry christmas.

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So are you on target for graduating before the end of the year? You could try bridge to 10k or doing stepping stones in c25k+ next. Whatever you choose enjoy the graduation feeling.


Hi ruk, you could try an organised event like a parkrun which is 5k, if that helps. Ed


I found B210K helpful (just finished it) and am now starting to train for a half marathon in May. I find having goals really helps, as does tracking progress.


well done on completing week 8, nearly there, that shiny new badge is waiting for you! :-)

I recently graduated and am training for 10K, I took a mixture of speed training from NHS podcasts and BUPA 10K plan and have adapted it for myself. I had a few post grad runs before I decided to do this. I also did my first parkrun 5K last Saturday morning, I thoroughly recommend them, friendly people, well organised and gives you a regular 5K to work on your speed (easier to run faster with other people around, in my case!). It's also nice to just run somewhere different and not have to worry about the route ;-)

There are some good podcasts 5k+, I will try stepping stones tomorrow, it has mostly good comments on these blogs and I've done the speed one, which is short but really good.

Good luck with your final week of the programme and planning your next goals :-)


I should be on target to finish on the 31st, after completing my first run of week 9 last night. I have just been on the nhs website and seen the c5k + podcasts that you speak of and i was wondering did anyone substitute the three runs a week you do on the c5k plan with the stepping stones, speed and stamina podcasts ? Im assuming the Stepping Stones podcasts is aimed towards runners considering moving up to 10k. With the Speed and Stamina podcasts aimed towards runners who would like to improve their speed and stamina respectively.

I love idea of parkruns unfortunately the town i live in doesn't have one but I will try and change that soon. Im looking into running the Bupa Great Manchester Run in may if i can move up to the 10k distance in time.


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