Week 5 run 2 done and dusted :)

Yipppeeeee I did it oooooommmmmggggg legs were a bit tired but honestly think there is a bit left in there so have come to a momentus decision. One day soon lol haven't decided when yet lol am going to run along my local seafront because from one end to another is just over a mile and it has little signposts to tell you how far you have gone. I reckon this distance outside for me is achievable as I have only ever run on a treadmill. If I write it down and especially for everyone here to see and me then I have sort of committed myself and I kind of have to do it :( wish me luck will keep you updated on my progress or lack of

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  • Great, congratulations! Just posted elsewhere that at least 3 of us girlies would have this one done by tomorrow! I'm just back from a horrid, hectic day at work.... Will venture forth with new vigour and a warm, toastie neck and face warmer ... Tomorrow! (I have no access to an Indoor treadmill). Awwww how I envy your seaside venue. Lots of luck X

  • Go on bite the bullet and get out there for your next run, its much more interesting than a dreadmill!! The thing is if you don't manage to run it all you can still do a little bit longer a cool down which I'm sure you would manage. Good luck for W5R3

  • The seafront beckons... and we'll be "observing" you do it in style.

    Enjoy your day of rest, do not get het up about W5R3 and enjoy your running. :-)

  • Hoping to do my W5R2 tomorrow. Should have done it today but was struck down with sickness big yesterday so though I should have an extra rest day.

    Love the seafront idea!

  • I too completed W5R2 yesterday. Am so proud of myself and I felt like I could've run another 8 minutes!!!! Am a bit nervous about the 20 minute run tomorrow but after yesterday I feel I will do it :-) (I never thought I would be saying that 5 weeks ago!!!). I do mine on the treadmill mainly because I am nervous about tripping up on uneven pavements! I did the first 2 weeks outside but much prefer doing it on the treadmill as apart from the uneven pavements I got fed up of stopping to cross roads and waiting for cars to go pass!! Keep up the good work!

  • Well I am doing mine on Friday should be tomorrow but am working a long day and don't think my feet will be ale to cope with the dreaded 20 min run. Will post and let you know how I get on good luck to you all

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