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A short but Happy Christmas run :)

I nearly didn't go out this morning, because the bronchitis is bad :( but instead of doing the long, high run up on the tops, I was sensible and just went for my usual plod to the town and back. It's a couple of miles, that's all, but it was damp and drizzly and I was wheezing and coughing so it was enough. And do you know what? I enjoyed it, it made me feel good, and with my fluorescent yellow c25k graduate top on, out on a miserable day, I felt like a real runner!

Happy Christmas to all of you - hope you're enjoying yourselves.

Annie x

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You beat me! I managed about a mile and a half (2.4k), through wind rain, thunder and lightning! I was impressed with the thunder and lightning, all for my benefit as I only saw one other person out in the cold dreary pre-dawn dark, and that person got in a car and drove off sharpish!

Had a long post dinner walk though.


Wow, you're dedicated, Beads - I don't think I would have gone out in a thunderstorm! I hope your walk was better.


It wasn't a fully fledged thunderstorm (more's the pity, I love thunder and lightning!) just a single flash and crash 4 seconds later. I just happened to be running in the right direction at the time, yippee!


I'm glad you enjoyed it - I hate them, 'cos they scare me!


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